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Posted by: Linda Turner, 4 Sep 2012 5:57PM
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Buildings insurance

Hi, has anyone else come across this problem? I have a room in my house where I treat clients, only about 2/3 a month. Our buildings and contents insurance for our house is due for renewal and they are wanting to charge us double the usual premium. I am sure that in the past because of the small amount of clients that I have coming to the house that they have not charged any extra. I have explained that I already have insurance which covers my business from home. Any suggestion? Linda


Nicki Lee
4 Sep 2012 9:47PM

My insurance doesn't charge extra, but they tell me I'm only covered for theft if there is a break in. This has been true for the past 14 years. However, this may be changing. Apparently one of the largest companies that cover home insurance (NIG) stopped their cover and this year I had a hard time getting cover for up to 20 clients per week (I think the break point was more than 9 per week, so you still should have been ok.) My broker managed to get me cover for the same price underwritten by Lloyds (that made me feel special!) since they had messed up getting my quote (long story) but I think I had better start shopping around a month before I need it next, as it looks like it's getting more difficult. One thing I will do is check with my CThA insurance to see if maybe I can get my house coverage from the same or a related company that won't charge a premium. When you shop around, you will probably have to phone brokers and insurance companies for a quote and allow a LOT of time to give them all the details. Anything special like this and the online comparison sites won't work. Best of luck! You should be able to find a better price, possibly you will let us know via this forum? Nicki
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