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Posted by: Adam Rubinstein, 11 Dec 2013 11:53AM
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Bush Flower Essences?

I am looking at doing the Level 1 Australian Bush Flower Essences workshop in Ambleside next May with Ian White. Has anyone done this course and do you find the Essences useful in a practice? Is the certificate from Australia recognised by UK insurance companies? Are there any other Essence ranges you would recommend I study instead or first? Thank you


Angelina Kelly
12 Dec 2013 9:38AM

Hi Adam, I have not done the Bush Flowers but I am a Registered Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner and Trainer and as the BFRs are the original flower essences, and all other essences are based on them, I would recommend that you study them. They have an 80 year proven record, they are recognised all over the world, the qualification (once it comes from the Dr Edward Bach Foundation) is recognised and insurable all over the world and there are only 39 of them. They are a complete system for emotional healing and are extremely effective. I have been a registered practitioner of the BFRs for almost 20 years and I have seen them do the most wonderful things. They are a perfect partner to other forms of therapy and I highly recommend them as a safe and extremely worthwhile method of healing. Best Wishes Angelina Kelly ITEC,MIRIL,BFRP, MCThA
Adam Rubinstein
12 Dec 2013 3:26PM

Hi Angelina, Thank you for your thoughts. I have heard from some therapists that the Bach Remedies seem a bit dated now. Since they were created in the early part of the last century the issues we are facing have moved on and maybe some of the more recently made ranges address more current issues. Have you also used any other Essences to compare Bach with? Many thanks Adam
Angelina Kelly
12 Dec 2013 5:57PM

Hi Adam, The BFRs may be "old and dated" but the thoughts, feelings and emotions that they treat are as relevant today as they were 80 years ago, if not more so. Time may have moved on but we still react to stress the same way our ancestors did. We are still very much in need of gentle comfort and assurance that the BFRs offer. Of course it is your decision and you have to do what you feel is right but Dr Bach left his system as a perfect method of healing thoughts, feelings, emotions and stress so how can you perfect something that is already perfect. The reason modern people prefer the newer remedies is because they fail to grasp the "essence" of Dr Bach's philosophy which leads them astray. The Bach system is based on SIMPLICITY and this too confuses people, why take on a complicated system when you can get far better results out of a simple effective system. I hope this helps you to make a more informed decision. Regards Angelina
Adam Rubinstein
13 Dec 2013 11:28AM

Hi Angelina, Thank you, I will give what you say some thought but I would also like to hear from anyone with a broader experience as well. Best wishes Adam
Karen Louise Bell
18 Dec 2013 11:24AM

Hello Adam, I have only just seen your message. I am a Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner and I absolutely love these Flower Remedies. Being from Australia, the Flower essences carry a totally different energy to the Bach Flowers and I feel address a few more issues which are more common with what humanity and the earth, and all the changes are going through now. Plus the correspondence course I took was incredibly informative (both practically, intellectually and really helped me to develop my intuition)with regards to vibrational medicine. I would say go for the ones that you are most drawn too (either bach or bush or there are many others too). I am also insured by the ctha as a Bush Flower essence practitioner so am able to practice in this country. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need any more info on the Bush Flower range. Warm wishes, Karen.
Adam Rubinstein
19 Dec 2013 12:38PM

Hi Karen, Thank you for your reply, that's really helpful. I know some practitioners use several different ranges with different clients. Do you use others as well? Have you done any of Ian White's workshops as well or just the correspondence course? I'm wondering what he is like as a teacher. All the best Adam
Karen Louise Bell
19 Dec 2013 4:31PM

Hello Adam, I have been to a couple of Ian's lectures (one in using the essences with Depression and another more around woman's cycles in life)they were really good and he often posts a lot of videos on his website regarding the essences. As strange as it sounds, when you begin to work with the flower essences they can teach you themselves and they often do! They have such beautiful healing qualities that you can tune in to. I also had an incredibly supportive and knowledgable tutor with the correspondence course who really helped me gain more of an awareness around the essences. I do have a deep affinity with this range so am a little biased when it comes to recommending a range. At the moment I am only working with the bush essences, but as a rule I would always recommend to work with the range you are most drawn to. Looking at the website would help you gain more insight into the company and the flower remedies - best of luck with choosing, and incorporating them into your practice. Warm wishes, Karen.
Adam Rubinstein
20 Dec 2013 4:53PM

Hi Karen, I am drawn to the Bush Essences and feel it's a great opportunity, since Ian White himself is going to be here teaching Level 1 and the kids workshop in May, to learn straight from the horses mouth (as it were). I like their website but the main thing is that everyone I have discussed Bush Essences with (like you), seems to be really broadminded about the whole Flower Essence world and not tribal about it. I think that's really important. This world needs so much healing and I don't think an 'us and them' mentality is very healing. Many thanks Adam
Miriam Luckhurst
23 Dec 2013 2:31PM

Hi Adam, I trained with Ian White about 10 years ago, he is a very charismatic and passionate teacher and incredibly inspiring, and gave me the confidence to make my own essences. I also use other ranges including the Bach Flower remedies, at the end of the day they are all amazing gifts from nature made by some amazing people, it's just down to what you are attracted to. I wish you well on your quest, Miriam
Adam Rubinstein
30 Dec 2013 1:08PM

Hi Mirriam, Thank you for your reply. I have almost decided to do it. Seeing Youtube videos of Ian I agree that he does seem to be an amazing character. I think this is an opportunity not to be missed as, I understand, he doesn't do his Level 1 in the UK very often and the Lake District should be beautiful in May. Best wishes Adam
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