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Posted by: Derek Burke, 9 Oct 2005 8:48PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

business cards

hello,just designing my business cards and wondering what letters or title i may use after my name. i have two diplomas,one in Anatomy,Physiology and holistic massage and the second in Sports massage. One more question,Is it ok to mention the embody website address on the card?


Katy Hibberd
10 Oct 2005 12:22PM

Derek Depending on what awarding body you passed your exams with: E.g Itec , you can you use [NAME] I.T.E.C. There is a good forum called Healthy Pages - www.healthypages.net It has been discussed many times on there. Regarding using the Embody website, depends what your meaning behind using this website is for? If it was to prove you were insured then I guess you could use it yes, as they can search for you as a registered Therapist. Hope this helps Katy
Julie Halls
14 Oct 2005 11:36AM

If you've not already arranged for a company to print them, check out www.vistaprint.co.uk They offer a free intro service for 250 cards and they also have lots of designs to choose from. You only pay for postage.
Andrea Ray
22 Nov 2005 5:04PM

Hi, Can I ask for some advice? I'm having a website made for me (very nice brother-in-law) I was looking at the info on the website here on all the treatments and wondered if its ok to use this on my website...mainly the sports and swedish massage for now. I know its cheeky, but not sure if its allowed anyway. Would save me a bit of time writing it all myself! I am currently taking the ITEC on-site and Aromatherapy so may need those too if ok Thanks Andrea

25 Nov 2005 10:16AM

Hi Derek, Embody Web Editor here! You can call yourself 'An Embody Professional' use the Embody logo and also put the web address on if you wish to. I hope this answers your question. let me know ifyou need any more help. Thanks, Becky

25 Nov 2005 10:28AM

Hi Andrea, Re your question regarding using content from others websites. It is not advisable to use others content and you can get into trouble for doing this, having said this, Embodyforyou would be happy for you to use our content if you could just put a credit at the bottom of the page. You will find that this is sometimes a good solution with other sites as well, but you should always check first. Thanks, Becky
Andrea Ray
27 Nov 2005 9:44PM

Hi Becky and thanks a billion!! Will absolutely add a credit for Embody..will be using the logo's anyway. This will be of great help and save heaps of time. Anything I can help with please let me know..and thanks again Andrea xx
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