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Posted by: Toni Buller, 20 Jan 2016 8:59PM
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Business name

Hi there, I'm a student and starting my case studies. I want to get organised and have been thinking about a name for my business but haven't got a clue where to start and where to look to see if the name is already being used. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Amanda Clegg
20 Jan 2016 11:31PM

Hi there, think of a number of different names that reflect your personality, your therapy (obviously) or location maybe, then just put them into google and see what comes up. Also worth putting them into fb and twitter, to see if anyone is around with the same name, and, importantly, into GoDaddy to see if the website name has been taken, is available, or wildly expensive. best of luck.
Cherry O'Sullivan
5 Mar 2016 9:14PM

The majority of people use the Internet now, so think of something easy to spell, and can easily be converted to a domain name, but still remaining relevant to your beleifs and values. Good luck!
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