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Posted by: Karly Jenkins, 18 Jun 2010 6:51PM
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Hi I'm just starting up as a mobile therapist or will be shortly as I'm taking my exams soon......can anyone help me on where to buy a couch and stool? or just simply what you'd recommend?? all help much appreciated. thanks Kx


Sue Hannaford
18 Jun 2010 7:22PM

Try to get: at least 28" wide, adjustable height, adjustable face cradle (not face hole), weight around 11.5kgs. Mine is a Masterlite couch with nice wooden legs but they are expensive now - £389. Supatherapy are currently doing what looks like a good one for £185 called Supalite which is 11.9kg. They have another one for £175 but that is 15kgs. Check out ebay, put in advanced search terms like auction and collect in person - that way you can find one near you that isn't trade. If you see one you like, search for it new on the web to see whether it fulfils above criteria! (Reasons for above criteria - width - client's arms less likely to fall off and you have room for getting up on the couch to work - table thai sort of stuff), height - good to be able to adjust to your height and you may find with more experience that you work with a lower couch - and easier to sell one day! Face cradle - more comfortable for clients esp if they have neck issues. Weight: I find anything heavier a bit of a challenge for mobile work.). Post any more questions - hope that helps!
Sue Hannaford
18 Jun 2010 7:23PM

PS for a stool, keep at eye out at Tescos and Morrisons - they sometimes do really cheap (£3) for folding stools which work really well for me!
Susan Rands
22 Jun 2010 11:21AM

Hi Karly, A different Susan here. In addition to the recommendations given by Susan Hannaford I think I would add the ability to raise the end of the couch up so the client can sit supported. My couch doesn't do this, so I had to buy a reclining chair when I began giving reflexology treatments. The chair (Lafuma) is very good but when storage space is limited it is another bulky item to find a home for. Incidently my couch is an Earthlite couch and I am very happy with it. It is very comfortable, although not the lightest couch around. Good luck in your search and future practice.
Colin Tomlinson
10 Jul 2010 1:36PM

Hi Susan R I was fortunate in that i did buy a "3-zone" couch (ie can raise one section to a reclined seat) and use on a very low incline for clients with acid reflux problems. However, regarding reflexology specifically, our lecturer gave some good advice: 1st appointment Raise back fully, the client will want to see what you're doing, especially if s/he is new to reflexology. 2nd appointment Raise back halfway: introduce the client to the idea of lying down for the treatment. 3rd appointment Ask client if s/he wants the back elevated: if s/he says yes, then raise only slightly. 4th appointment onwards Don't raise the back! One of my case studies is a friend who is a sports therapist and didn't hold reflexology in high regard. After his first treatment, he conceded how very relaxed he felt, "not just in my feet - I hadn't expected that at all" and ASKED if he may lie down for future treatments! Wishing you well. Colin
Susan Rands
13 Jul 2010 1:03PM

Hi Colin, Thanks for the ideas for reflexology; I've taken note of them. When I have given reflexology treatments to people who are lying down, they certainly seem to relax completely. The only problem is not being able to gauge reactions so well as when I can see their face. However, I can see that by the third or fourth treatment this might not be such an issue as I would know them better by then. Best wishes, Susan
Karly Jenkins
13 Jul 2010 1:12PM

Thanks everyone ur suggestions have been really helpful. Took all my exams last week, looks like I've passed just a month and I should know for sure! All great ideas, but do u know of any reputable websites?? Or is ebay as good as any?? Thanks again Karly x
Susan Rands
13 Jul 2010 3:08PM

Hi Karly, Well done! It is a while ago now, but I think I bought my couch through the injury prevention massage site (IPM). They have a lot of tables and some good offers. If you do a web search for massage tables you will find several comprehensive sites. Take a little time to compare what they have to offer and you will soon get an idea of what you want. It is a big investment and one you will have to work with for a long time, so take a long steady look. Good luck in your search and your new career. Best wishes, Susan
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