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Posted by: Joyce Laurie, 24 Jul 2006 1:07PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Can Students call themselves therapists....and more?

At my local gym this morning I noticed a big sign on the notice with the headline Stress Management. It went on to explain that 2 THERAPISTS from the local college would be there Mon, Tues and Wed morning to do consultations and offer ways to manage stress. It also stated that this was free. On enquiring about this at the main desk I asked if it was qualified therapists and after much, much too-ing and fro-ing I learned that it was the local college sending students in to gain experience. No-where on any literature/posters within the gym does it explain that it is actually students. There is no information regarding supervision, insurance etc. I have no truck with students gaining experience, hell we all had to do that. What I have an issue with is that the gym have NOT made the general public/members aware that this is students and not actually qualified experienced therapists. I also noticed on a sheet of paper at the reception that they have about 20 names of people seeking appointments, I asked if anyone had explained to these people that it was students and no-one could give me an answer. Am I just being belligerent? I am waiting for the gym management to contact me regaring this. Any comment would be appreciated.


Julie Elder
25 Jul 2006 10:12PM

I totally agree with you and it would be up to the college to check the students were totally complying to their rationale as students in that they must state that they were students - obviously the college needs to be made aware as well as the gym that these students are offering these service unqualified but also it comes back to the college to better explain the legalities involved in what they are doing.
Sarah Bartram
1 Aug 2006 10:41AM

Hi Joyce I agree the gym team needs to know clearly so then they can explain to thier members the sessions are with students. Having studied hard for my massage exams and case studies it anoys me slightly - as i only started building my client base after receiving my diploma and insurance certificates. I feel these students are getting a head start. What if they need to re take or end up not passing a module of the course? On the other hand it is valuable experience and a great opportunity for these students. The posters around the gym do need to be clear about how they advertise though. Best Regards Sarah
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