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Posted by: Tina Maria Pritchard, 21 Jun 2007 1:57PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Can you afford new training courses?

Hi everyone Is it me, or are course prices getting a little bit too expensive for therapists wanting to learn new techniques? Forgive me, I do not wish to offend those who are currently in the business of training, but for therapists like myself with a small clientelle, I find it hard to be able to afford them. Some training tops the £1000 mark! What do others feel about this, I would be interested to know. Tina Pritchard


Angela Rawlins
21 Jun 2007 3:58PM

Yes I also think that £1000 is hard to afford if you haven't much coming in and it would certainly put me off.
Sue Moore
17 Jul 2007 1:01PM

Yes, I totally agree - can't believe that more people haven't commented on this and posted replies. I have a full diary every week and charge the going rates for treatments in the area I live - Devon. By the time I have all my bills etc there is not a lot left for anything - never mind expensive training courses. Sue Moore
Angela Rawlins
17 Jul 2007 2:08PM

Sue You are lucky, therapists around where I live can't live soely on the money they make from therapies and have to have office/shop jobs. This isn't a good year for me. Many people who live in Berks are watching their pennies - mortgages, loans are just so expensive for them
Sue Moore
18 Jul 2007 9:17AM

Hi, Angela don't know about lucky - it's hard work!! I decided it was no good being just another therapist in a place that is, frankly, teeming with them. So I found myself a niche market - as we have a growing elderly population in devon, I work mainly, but not solely, with elderly people - either in their own homes or residential care (The homes do not pay me - individuals arrange their massages privately). Even so, as I said, by the time the mortgage etc has been paid there is nothing left. My husband has his own business and we get by, but that is about it. Training courses for cpd credits take a lot of consideration as usually i have to think about not only the cost of the course but transport and accomodation too - so many are on the "wrong" side of the country for me as are all the shows and seminars i want to attend which seem to be based solely at Excel!
Tina Maria Pritchard
18 Jul 2007 12:29PM

Hi Thanks for your comments and I now feel that I am not alone in my thoughts. When I first trained in massage I felt that before I attempted new training, I wanted to be a good massage therapist and this has been my prime objective. I also want to give good value-for-money treatments. It seems in the competitive world of complementary therapies that this is not enough and as with many therapists it has taken time to build up my client base. There is always the client that comes to you asking if you 'do a certain therapy' and 9/10 times you find yourself saying 'sorry no I don't. This frustrating and you know that if you do this training it is goining to cost x hundred pounds! I have to have another source of income to help with day to day living and if I want do do another course I have to save for ages. Ultimately, I want to belong to a guild that is respected and works on our behalf. So it's hard eh? Keep your comments coming in, it's great to be able to talk!! Tina Pritchard
Angela Rawlins
19 Jul 2007 5:47PM

Tina & Sue Well - I wished I HAD done a massage course now as my friends seem to be able to get quite a few clients using massage as a starter! Well, hang on in there, my husband who works in Canary Wharf in Citi Group financial services says - its a bad year:((( I do sympathise with the distances, the Expo in Excel takes ME around thour and 40 mins as its in Canary Wharf!! Have either of you heard of 'Find A Therapist'?? I think thats based in the West Country.
Patricia Taylor
6 Aug 2007 1:46PM

I too am struggling with the costs of training. I am qulaified in massage and reiki and wanted to study clinical aromatherapy. BUT the IFPA guidelines on training are very strict and current VTCT and ITEC courses do not meet them. The alternatives are well over £1000 with an ongoing requirement for 36 CPD points over three years after qualifying. It is hard to see how I could ever recover such an investment working part time around my family, especially as I don't think it would actually make much difference to what I could charge for treatments. I feel very much on the horns of a dilemma and am really not sure where to go from here.
Angela Rawlins
8 Aug 2007 7:15PM

Hi Pat I know how you feel. It seems no matter what post grad courses I do with Refelxology, the client seems to ring around to get the cheapest price. You need to do CPD courses to keep your self up to date, but unfortunately not get the clients to cover the costs. What is really needed is better media coverage and its a pity that the CThA doesn't get this sorted. Could you do some personal reading on clinical Aromatherapy mean while or any hands on training foc with another aromatherapist?
Patricia Taylor
9 Aug 2007 6:05PM

Hi Angela The issue is not really acquiring the knowledge: as you say, it is readily available in books and from other therapists: it is the good old issue of insurance and being able to call myself an aromatherapist. I am still researching this particular issue as the aromatherapy business in particular seems somewhat in disarray as to the standards it expects its professionals to achieve. Will keep you posted! Pat
Gillian Kenyon
16 May 2008 4:52PM

Colleagues and I who are trained part-time tutors and practising therapists have decided that we too think costs are rising steeply - but we have skills to share. So, we have decided to offer vastly reduced training fees to the group of independent practitioners to which we belong. That way, we can share our skills and expertise, earn a fare wage for what we do and at the same time, extend the skills of our colleagues. To learn more about us and to access information about what we can currently offer please take a look at www.TheHClub.org.uk It may be worth other people who are tutors also investigating whether they can do a similar thing for members of their local forum.
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