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Posted by: Beth Reynolds, 9 Apr 2009 7:39PM
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Card & Online Payments

Hi, I have been looking into getting card facilities, as less & less potential clients want to pay with cash or cheque. I have noticed some other therapist, using online facilities rather they obtaining card machines. I was wondering if anyone has been using Paypal or any other online services, & whether your clients are happy to use it? Do you ask your clients to pay prior to attending their appointments? Alternatively is anyone using card machines? What is the response from your clients. I would love any feedback. Beth


Angela Rawlins
10 Apr 2009 8:27AM

Hi Beth I looked into having card facilities a couple of years ago. It wasn't worth the costs involved for me. My husband worked in the banking industry and had a look at what it would cost me. Perhaps you could as clients for a bank transfer. I have only been asked once or twice in all the years of practicing if I took cards:) My reply was that I'm a independent therapist and the costs would be to much. Of course, you could say I'd have to pass on the costs to the client. Think of someplace where you have a charge for paying by card????? Most of my clients are happy to pay by cheque or if not pay in cash.
Roushan Martens
10 Apr 2009 3:05PM

Hi Beth I use paypal on my website for payments for my workshops and courses, and this has made a big difference to the sign-ups I get for those. I don't use it, however, for therapy sessions - it has never occurred to me, actually. They take a percentage, something like £2.20 off a £30 payment, so unless you passed that cost on to your customer, it's quite hefty to be using for treatment payments. Like Angela, I've never found that anyone has a problem with cheque or cash, but then I'm usually working in a centre where they have a card machine if people want it.
Lisa Holyland
11 Apr 2009 4:47PM

Hi Beth, I looked into it too and didnt think it was worth it as the costs were too expensive. I have only been asked once if I took credit card everyone else pays by cash or cheque. Again say you would have to pass the costs onto the client. Hope that asnwers your concerns. Lisa
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