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Posted by: Edith Maskell, 3 Apr 2007 11:57PM
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Chair of CThA

Dear all Having been Chair of CThA for almost 3 years, I made the decision to resign at the end of last year. I felt that members and co-ordinators should be imformed immediately of my decision and John agreed to publish an agreed statement. We are now in April and it has been brought to my attention that co-ordinators and members are oblivious of my resignation and so for your information, the following paragraph is a copy of the press release I agreed with John. I feel it is appropriate that members are aware, sooner rather than later, that I am no longer involved with CThA. Edith Maskell has resigned as Chair of Complementary Therapists Association and as such will no longer represent our members in the regulatory process or participate in the future affairs of the organisation. In making this announcement, Edith takes this opportunity to wish all within CThA, very best wishes for the future. Though no longer representing CThA, I remain very involved and active in the regulatory process on the Reflexology Forum and am a member of the new Federal Working Party representing Reiki professionals. If anyone would like to contact me, my email address is edith@edithmaskell.com. If I can be of assistance to any fellow member or co-ordinators would like me to speak at their group meetings, please feel free to contact me. May I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the future and at the same time, thank you for your support and kind words. With warm regards Edith Maskell


John Dent
4 Apr 2007 10:11AM

Open letter to Edith Maskell Dear Edith, The announcement of your change is in the current magasine. However I would like to thank you on behalf of the members of CThA for all that you brought to us. Your passion for complementary therapy and what it can do shines out in all you say and clearly believe. Your wish that practitioners get involved with their therapies, study them to high levels and read and take part in research of their positive effects is greatly admired. Your contribution to the regulation debate - on going as you say and as I see - is unsurpassed. You have brought a high level of "professional common sense" based on reality and not wishful thinking. CThA has learned from you and we are beginning to put much of it into practice. We wish you well and every success. John Dent
Edith Maskell
4 Apr 2007 1:04PM

Open letter to John Thank you for the response - it is good to hear you may be putting into practice some of my ideas for CThA, which were always intended to keep the best interests of the members at heart. I am concerned however when you say CThA is putting "some of my ideas" into practice, that this doesn't give a false perspective. I say this because I am aware that CThA insurance policy has been devalued (Personal Injury now excluded). The reason I believe, is an increase in claims. This confuses me because I know that there are very very few claims involving CAM. What there are, exist because of inappropriate behaviour, not dangerous practice. However, I understand the highest claims are within the Beauty Industry, usually involving equipment or products, so I question why CAM practitioners are being punished for practices and equipment we don't utilise? I see that course criteria has also changed and cost of advertising increased - so I am making a plea that an increase in membership fees will not be the next thing on the agenda. For the record, I must make it clear to members that cutting services and/or increasing fees for this level of service and membership, were not my ideas!!! You and I have always agreed that practitioners remaining members of professional associations, once regulation is here, is vitally important for their own protection. If Regulated practitioners are given the choice (and you will be aware, there is a lot of choice), where we spend our hard earned money in the future, will only serve to make us more selective. In other words we will be looking for value for money and an increase in supportive services. We are all business people, albeit small. We know that all commercial organisations rely on loyal customers to remain successful. The fact which must not be lost is that the difference between this particular commercial organisation and others is the nature of the industry. Ours is one which requires empathetic and respectful leadership. Having been involved with this particular evolving organisation for a great many years - it breaks my heart to turn my back now, because representing its members on the regulatory front has been my passion. It now feels like a bereavement. It has been and still is, the hardest job in the world to keep the minds of, not only the powers that be but also the various professions, focussed on the fact that the majority of complementary practitioners are multi disciplined and whatever form of regulation is finally agreed upon, we deserve the right to continue to work utilising all of our skills and at a reasonable cost. I happen to believe, only the passion of a practising therapist can get that message across. I will continue to fight, albeit wearing another hat but in the aftermath, my plea to you John, is to keep the best interests of CThA's members at the forefront of your mind, whatever future plans are in the pipeline. With kind regards Edith
John Dent
4 Apr 2007 1:59PM

Hi Edith, I appreciate your concerns but members should be assured that there is no increase in membership fees as announced in the magasine and evidenced on some 5000 renewal notices sent out. The Personal accident cover part of the insurance, which covers only accidents to the therapist which prevents him/her working, nothing to do with liability cover for treatments provided, has been taken out of the membership because the insurers want a premium of almost £13.00 just for the personal accident element alone. This is because of the massive increase in claims just for this - not only within CThA but accross the whole type of insurance. Many people have this cover in their household policies and to have to put up the overall insurance premium by the difference would add significantly to the overall cost to all members. The underwriting insurers also wanted to increase the premium for the treatment liability cover but we were able to resist this despite the number of claims on treatment and professional negligence actually rising. The two elements are quite different. Most other association policies have never included PA. PA policies are available as an optional extra at premiums that are well below many "High street" rates. Today I have been told that another insurance broker has raised its fees for small associations to £200.00. On the courses we have subsidised a costly process for some years out of membership fees. The main benficiaries have been the commercial course providers who want us to approve and list their courses. CThA gets no income from their course fees - it charges only for approving and listing as well as publishing a catalogue (at very considerable cost). What we have done is to increase the standards for courses leading to qualifications to National Standards where they exist, and to make it easier for course providers to list introductory or advanced training where no qualifications are awarded. The fees have not risen much at all, in some cases they have fallen. The whole is still subsidised albeit to a lesser extent. Since we announced the new fees in January more course providers have renewed and more new ones have listed. CThA has to evolve as you know. Regulation will bring many new challenges and we are taking steps to put more effort into helping members get more work (through Embody which is getting more and more use and other activities) and to get better trained and to develop their skills. CThA needs to invest the members' subscriptions in modern services and directions where they can benefit from the newly emerging opportunities that full regulatory registration may bring. What it cannot do is to spend funds on aspects that drain money but which few members gain any benefit. We wish you every success in your future career and we will no doubt see your name prominently in complementary therapy. With best wishes John Dent
Su Baxter
4 Apr 2007 9:08PM

Who has replaced Edith as Chair?
John Dent
5 Apr 2007 8:47AM

Hi Su, As explained in the magasine we have not appointed anyone yet. The situtaion has reverted to that which it was before Edith was appointed. There had never been such a posiion before in GCP or IGPP. WE are considering what will be best in the light of the decisions on nregulation. I remain the General Manager John Dent
Su Baxter
5 Apr 2007 7:23PM

Thanks for the info., John. I'll read the article when I receive the magazine - it hasn't arrived yet.
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