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Posted by: Deborah Wright, 12 May 2011 6:56PM
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chair or couch

What is best to carry out a reflexology treatment on pregnant clients. I am a mobile therapist and i already have a Ped.Should i buy a reclining chair or a massage couch. Kind Regards Deborah


Angela Rawlins
13 May 2011 11:55AM

Hi It is not ideal to do anyone on a couch as they are sitting on their cocyx. I have both but are in my clinic. I will use a 'Relaxator' chair in my room only partially reclined as their 'bump' pushes the stomach and is uncomfortable. If you get a Lafuma, which is my portable chair, you may find that more comfortable and it is easier to take around. I just bought a cover for mine from Lakeland and find it much better to carry. Lakeland do do Lafuma relaxers NOT CHEAP, they aren't any way, but good chairs. Hope this helps regards Angela
Deborah Wright
13 May 2011 1:46PM

Thank you Angela thats a great help. Kind Regards Deborah
Angela Rawlins
13 May 2011 5:54PM

Ps Deborah My Lafuma is a green padded recliner, the ones in Lakeland are mesh and I'm not so keen on the fabric. Hunt round for one like mine:) Regards Angela
Angelina Kelly
17 May 2011 12:12PM

Hi Deborah, I'm a full time Reflexologist working from my home based clinic I also, from time to time, do call outs and exhibitions. At first I used a couch but found that my clients were not comfortable in it and I wasn't comfortable with it either. I now use a recliner chair and portaped. Professional chairs of this kind are expensive so you would have to be doing a lot of sessions to justify it. I use a heavy wooden garden recliner with two cushions and the portaped. This is completely adjustable to both you and whoever you are working on so everyone is comfortable and the cushions can be changed easily. I find this is suitable for call outs too though I generally adapt the person's home environment to the best of my ability for call outs. Hope this helps. Angelina
Katherine Morrison
21 May 2011 11:56PM

I use a LaFuma chair for the client too, can you tell me what sort of chair you use to sit on? I kneal up at the moment but it's not very comfortable after a while. Thanks
Deborah Wright
22 May 2011 9:06AM

Hi Katherine, THank you for you reply. How do you manage that must be so uncomfortable. I use a reflexology stool on wheels it came as a set with the ped. They can be bought on their own i got mine from Beautelle. Would a stool like this be suitable to use with Lafuma? I am thinking of buying one. Regards Deborah
Katherine Morrison
22 May 2011 9:31PM

I think a stool on wheels would be the best option as long as it goes low enough, I'm also thinking about a saddle stool....decisions, decisions. I have had a lot of positive feedback from clients, who have found the LaFuma chair very comfortable. You can get a little tray which clips on to the side for the client to put their glass of water on. Thanks for your reply Katherine
Angela Rawlins
23 May 2011 4:50PM

Hi Katherine I use a wheeled adjustable office chair in my therapy room on a carpet protector so as my new carpet doesn't get marks:) If I take my Lafuma to clients, I use one of their dining chairs. Carrying a Lafuma is enough with my bag! You can get a sun umbrella attachment from Lakeland:)) Nice about the cup attachment:)
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