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Posted by: Neville Dalton, 30 Jul 2009 3:18PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Charity and sports events

Hello. One or two people have suggested I offer my (massage) services at charity and sports events, fairs, etc. Does anyone have experience of this - how it works in reality; the practicalities of operating in crowded (sometimes outdoor) events; whether you charge for expenses, etc? And suggestions as to how I might make my offer known among suitable organisations would also be most welcome. Thank you.


Sarah Tough
30 Jul 2009 8:02PM

Hi I have done a few events, charging depends on the organisers. The P.L.U show the therapist paid £25 per day to work, and kept any money made. other charty shows I have given my time free of charge and the charty arranged everything and keep all money made. In both case I provided chairs, oils, towels and insurance. In return you can advertise your business. Hope this hepls. Sarah
Angela Rawlins
31 Jul 2009 9:08PM

Neville If I were you,I'd do sports events. I have done lots of charity events - school pamper eves, nursery, fayres etc. I find you get virtually no clients from them. Or, you have to treat them as publicity events:)) My husband summed it up - the people are trying the therapies to help the charity/school raise money and are not necessarily looking for a therapist.
Neville Dalton
3 Aug 2009 5:29PM

Thanks for replies so far. Food for thought. Apologies if I'm being stupid, but anyone have suggestions as to the best way of making my general availability known?
Angela Rawlins
3 Aug 2009 8:11PM

Hi Neville Try looking in your local papers for fixtures. Perhaps local sports clubs and football clubs. Also, try ringing some up. I am approached by school PTA organizers inviting me to attend, some times I have to pay a table/pitch fee,sometimes not. I have taken part in a local Uni's' health show for staff, they found me on a county web site.
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