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Posted by: Lynda Shepherd, 1 Feb 2011 4:11PM
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Childrens' Aromatherapy Session

I've been asked to run an aromatherapy session for my daughter's Brownie pack. I'm keen to do it, but wondered if anyone has any experience of doing anything like this? I've run adult workshops before where I've given basic info about oils etc and demonstrated face and hand massage. I'm not sure if this would be a suitable format for girls aged between 7 and 10 years and also I'd presume that parental permission would be required if essential oils and massage were used. I'd like to make things fun for them, but so far I've not come up with any bright ideas. Any help would be much appreciated!! Lynda.


Norah Coyne
2 Feb 2011 8:44AM

Hi Lynda make sure you get consultation forms completed by their parents in advance in case of allergies or in case some have epilepsy etc in case oils affect, another nice option could also be getting plain base creams and lotions and teaching them how to mix ther own products children usually love this too, I always find children love aromatherapy head massage is also great as sometimes the face can sometimes be very sensitive especially if children have any emotional issues, its sounds brilliant though good luck with everything norah coyne ctha regional representative Ireland
Lorraine Murray
2 Feb 2011 7:12PM

I teach children meditation - i would suggest you make it as interactive as possible (eg teaching them hand massage). Agree with the other therapist that you must get written consent from parents for them to attend. email me if you need advice - info@ilovefgt.com Lorraine
Lynda Shepherd
2 Feb 2011 7:56PM

Many thanks to you both. You've given me good tips. I've decided to only use grapeseed oil for the massage, but let them smell a few oils and blends and perhaps we can make up a cream. I'll also print up some consent forms. Many thanks again. Lynda x
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