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Posted by: Gillian Kenyon, 19 May 2008 12:09PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Client redemptions from 2008 Public Promotional Programme


Mariette Lobo
19 May 2008 12:17PM

Gilllian - I did and do not intend participating in any of these "promotions". I am very much against this kind of PR/marketing for reasons you and other members have articulated before. I do wish Embody would halt this particular bandwagon and am not happy about my money being spent in this way.
Beverley Castle
19 May 2008 1:05PM

Hi Gillian, I received 9 responses to last years Daily Telegraph promotion. 8 of these clearly were just after a freebie. One remains a regular client today. I had a zero response to The News Of The World promo. I did not participate this year because the promotions offered did not sound very inspiring and when I phoned the Embody office to ask for more info the attitude of the member of staff was at best unhelpful at worst rather rude. I wasnt impressed. I will be very interested to see your figures. Keep up the good work. Beverley.
Roushan Martens
20 May 2008 6:43PM

Hi Gillian, For your records, I only went in for the Sainsbury's promotion last year - nothing from that. I went for all of the promotions this year, and so far nothing from the Mirror (was it the mirror?) or Mullerlight (although it may be a bit soon to call on that one).
Patricia Taylor
21 May 2008 10:50AM

Nothing whatever so far.
Alison Baillie
21 May 2008 5:06PM

Hi participated in the telegraph and the Sainbury's promotion last year and recieved no enquiries never mind actual clients wanting freebies or otherwise. I have chosen not to pore good money after bad this year.
Gillian Kenyon
24 May 2008 6:52PM

Due to the large number of promotions with which we have been actively engaged, our therapists have a backlog of clients waiting for an appointment. We are looking for part-time and full-time therapists who hold their own insurance. If you are a self-employed therapist wishing to expand your client base or a student about to start up in the next month or so take a look at the following counties and numbers of clients awaiting matching. These clients won't wait forever. The time window is short - maybe only a week or so as we would need to process your application and ensure you meet our selection criteria. Contact us asap for more information on TheHClub@Hotmail.com stating your contact details, the address details and postcodes of premises where you work from (or, if mobile how far you wish to travel). Look at www.TheHClub.org.uk to see how you can gain access to these registered clients. Avon - 9 Bedfordshire - 2 Buckinghamshire - 15 Cambridgeshire - 8 Cheshire - 44 Clwyd - 8 Cork - 1 Derbyshire - 6 Dublin -1 East Lothina - 1 Essex - 34 Fife - 1 Gwynedd - 1 Hampshire - 6 Hertfordshire - 4 Kent - 53 Lancashire - 33 Lincolnshire - 1 London - 15 Merseyside - 6 Middlesex - 4 Midlothian - 7 Northamptonshire - 4 Bangor, N.Ireland - 1 Oxfordshire - 6 Sheffield - 5 Staffordshire - 2 Suffolk - 1 Surrey - 3 Sussex - 1 Warwickshire - 5 West Midlands - 3 West Sussex - 2 West Yorkshire - 23 Wiltshire - 4 UK-wide clients whose address matching details have not yet been collated but who have registered their contact detaials - 117 Total 445 clients are out there - would you like to access any of them - let us know.
Angela Rawlins
27 May 2008 9:31AM

Hi I participated in the promotions last year and got silch! I have NOT bothered to pay this year! Pity you have nothing for Berkshire Gillian
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