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Posted by: Marianne Free Allitt, 6 May 2011 5:11PM
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clients booking over internet from abroad

Has anyone had any emails from people abroad saying they are coming to the UK or buying a voucher for a friend in the UK? I just had an email - the chap said he's in Australia & his wife is visiting the area for a couple of weeks and he'd like to book her a treatment and pay for me by credit card?? May be legitimate but thought I'd ask.....


Nicki Lee
6 May 2011 5:32PM

I remember, vaguely, a scam some years back where someone would do something like this - they would overpay and ask you for money back and of course their payment bounced. If you just accept a credit card payment though (assuming you do this normally) I can't see how you can have any problems. However, can they not just pay when they turn up, which is what I presume most of your clients do? I'd be interested to hear how this turns out, just in case it is some sort of new twist we should be on the look out for. Best of luck
Angela Rawlins
6 May 2011 6:24PM

Its a SCAM - dump it in your spam box
Giuseppe Tomaselli
6 May 2011 6:50PM

It may be a scam or might not. I have a client who booked from South Africa to have a treatment after the London marathon. She had two treatments during the two weeks she was here and than went back to South Africa. I also have another client who comes from Canada. He books every time he comes to this part of the world. Having said that, just be careful and do not give any money to anybody. Giuseppe
Angela Rawlins
6 May 2011 8:28PM

Hi The scam emails usually start in a similar vein, thats how you can tell. I'm sure that we have be warned by the CThA office in the past
Angela Rawlins
6 May 2011 8:29PM

Ps I once had a chap phone from Calafornia to book treatments for his mother who lived down my road:)) Lol, thought I was going on a trip:))
Amy Law
7 May 2011 12:55PM

I have a lady coming from Canada and I've booked her in at the beginning of June for a deep tissue treatment. Should I be worried? I have been communicating via email these last few days and she'll be staying in London for a month. I don't accept credit card or any other card payments and have informed her it's cash only.
Nicki Lee
7 May 2011 3:57PM

I think the only concern would be if she doesn't turn up, but this can potentially happen with any new client. As long as she's aware of what form of payment you will accept I don't see any problems. I've had new clients contact me via internet and email and it doesn't really seem any different from receiving a phone call. I usually get a massage on holiday - I wish I were as organised to find someone before I went! Best of luck, Nicki
Angela Rawlins
9 May 2011 3:25PM

Hi Amy She is probably ok, just make sure it is cash and not a cheque as if anything is wrong with presentation could be a problem.
Amy Law
11 May 2011 12:12AM

Thanks ladies, fingers crossed! :-)
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