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Posted by: Kate Plant, 15 Feb 2016 11:36AM
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Clients who DNA (Do not arrive)

Just wondering how other therapists out there deal with DNA's/ or no shows?Ive had 2 no shows this miserable wet cold Monday morning,both new clients.Any advise greatly received.


Kim Ferrand
15 Feb 2016 12:16PM

Hi Kate, yes it is frustrating more than anything else (and I've had a few)also if you've turned down other possible appointments too. As it's quite easy, I thought of giving them my bank details to pay half the fee or paying cash before confirming the appointment, at least this way it's not totally wasted time. If they don't pay there's no appointment and they're more likely to turn up if they've paid.
Kate Plant
15 Feb 2016 12:33PM

Hi Hannah,thanks for your reply.I work form a clinic with other therapists who don't seem to get as cross as me if their clients don't show up(!)we have discussed taking payment/deposit beforehand but it's only me who wants to do it-so I think clients would just book with the therapist that doesn't want the deposit.Also it's added work for the girls at the desk to take part payment:( Thanks anyway! Kate
Amanda Clegg
15 Feb 2016 3:02PM

Always a problem with new clients - particularly men I have to say. However, to put a positive spin on it, you don't want clients who mess you about, so they are saving you trouble down the line. Think of it as an hour you have won to do some quiet admin or CPD research instead, then you get paid in CPD points!
Kim Ferrand
15 Feb 2016 3:27PM

It's a shame the other girls feel that way but I think it is the way forward, maybe get a meeting with them to see if they can come up with something, after all it is your livelihood. I agree Amanda the ones who don't turn up are unlikely to mess you around again and therefore wouldn't be welcome again unless they have an extremely good excuse. Good luck. Kim
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