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Posted by: Gillian Kenyon, 20 Sep 2010 3:08PM
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CNHC Announcement

I have been looking through the histopry of Regulation and came across and old CNHC Regulation Update from 23-01-2009 where the FHT announced that they were: 'not convinced that the benefits to therapists for registering are apparent and it is lobbying the CNHC hard to clearly demonstrate these can be delivered and to ensure the therapist will see a difference once the registration fee has been paid. The FHT believes that the CNHC must work hard to ensure that the stated benefits are evidenced, namely the CNHC registers should be recognised by healthcare practitioners and commissioners as the quality benchmark for NHS referrals and by private healthcare companies for re-imbursement purposes. In addition, it is essential that the CNHC delivers a comprehensive and ongoing PR and marketing campaign to raise awareness of the CNHC as a regulator amongst the general public. This will ultimately raise the confidence of the general public in the Complementary Therapy industry' Further, that: Jennifer Wayte, Vice President of the FHT and Education Chair of the General Council of Massage Therapies comments, "I have been closely involved in the development of the independent voluntary regulator for complementary therapies and I believe that its role will benefit both the industry and the public. I am very pleased to see the launch of the CNHC." As far as i can see - we have been sold down the river with false hopes and falkse promises in regards to Regulation and the way we have been represented and the feedback we have been given has been most disappointing to say the least. I for one think the whole thing has been a disaster and await to be convinced otherwise. Does anyone have any information regarding a 'Positive Benefit' that they have achieved in the whole of this process. Has anyone had a single client who even knows who CHNC are ?. If so, can you let us hear about it.


Jane Hopwood
20 Sep 2010 5:37PM

Hi, Gillian - thanks for your honest opinion on this issue as well as others. I was wondering how my associations/memberships were of advantage to me(I am new massage therapist (Itec Holistic and Itec Hot stone both level 3). What I wonder is can CThA comment on this forum - i.e. can they or can they not and so are they choosing not to post any comments.
Gillian Kenyon
20 Sep 2010 6:22PM

Good point. All bloggers should realise that not only can CThA reply, when they have time - they can also edit, delete, bar and put false member posts onto the forum at any time they wish. They monitor the blogs from time to time to ensure that no derogatory or inflammatory or inappropriate comments are made and to ensure that nothing offensive is put on to the blogs. This is the case with all internet blogs - so beware!
Angelina Kelly
21 Sep 2010 11:15AM

Gillian, On the question of regulations I asked the Bach Centre for their position and I have recreated their reply below. The Irish Reflexologists' Institute referred me to their website www.reflexology.ie where there are pages on the subject. Hi Angelina You're asking big questions! - and the short answer is, we don't know, because it's not clear at present whether herbalists will finally be subject to statutory regulation, and the MHRA has stated that if that doesn't happen all its own proposals will have to be rethought as they have assumed all along that herbalists will be regulated. Further doubt comes from the fact that BFRPs are not actually herbalists. Will they be explicitly included, excluded or just not mentioned? Again, we don't as yet know. Yet further doubt comes from the fact that the Nelsons brand of remedies is actually a licensed medicine (although it doesn't fit into any of the categories). Our fall-back position on all this, though, is that the Bach system is designed for self-help. We already have practitioners in countries that are much more restrictive on practice than the UK and Ireland have ever been. BFRPs in those countries tend to be more explicit that they are teaching the remedies in their consultations. The final choice of remedies is up to the client. Mixing a treatment bottle can be a problem so often there will be a local chemist who will make up a mix. Or the client may be offered the option - for free, not as part of the consultation - to make up a bottle for himself if he wants. All of this is absolutely in line with what BFRPs and teachers do - so we are fairly sanguine about the future, as the position we might all have to retreat to is one that has already been trialled, and one that we are very comfortable with. Stefan Ball The Bach Centre
Sylvia Broadhead
4 Oct 2010 7:45AM

None of my clients are aware of regulation, unless I mention it to them. However, I don't know how regulation works in Australia, a couple of years ago, a very concerned relative (who is not a therapist) was worried that therapists would have to have a change of career, because of incoming changes. They've used herbal treatments and products for many years, with the new changes they would no longer be able to get access to some of the items they had been using for many many years. Although they'd not heard of any regulatory body in Australia, at least 1 member of the general public is concerned
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