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Posted by: Roushan Martens, 6 May 2008 6:45PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Complementary therapies under fire tomorrow morning, 10am Channel 5, The Wright Stuff...

Hi I was forwarded this by a friend and thought it might be worth putting up on the forum: Subject: A Very Important Message from Jayney Goddard Hi, I really need your help . . . I just wanted to let you know that I will be appearing on The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 this coming Wednesday 7th May at 10 am. I will be in debate with Simon Singh (who has recently written a book with Professor Edzard Ernst which basically sets out to prove that complementary medicine is dangerous, ineffective and should not be made available.) Many of the recent attacks on CAM in the media recently have happened as a result of this book. We will be discussing homeopathy - and of course Simon Singh is completely against it - as you might expect. (Google him and Prof Ernst for more info.) I would love you to call in to the show to talk about your positive experiences of complementary medicine and especially homeopathy (as this is the main subject in this particular show). The telephone number to call is 0207 173 5555 - it is not a premium rate number and will cost the same as any normal phone call. I really do need your support - furthermore - we need to protect homeopathy and all other complementary medical modalities. Please do tune in if possible - Wednesday 7th May - 10am - Channel 5 I would be hugely grateful if you would forward it to as many people as possible who you feel would be interested in helping and of course if you have already received this email - my apologies - it simply means that someone thinks that you would find it of interest. Many thanks and warmest wishes Jayney Jayney Goddard President, Complementary Medical Association Website: The-CMA.Org. UK Office Email: Admin@The-CMA. Org.UK Office Tel: 0845 129 8434 Direct fax to Jayney: (001) 727 231-8379 Skype Jayney at: JayneyGoddard


Deborah Louise O'Leary
6 May 2008 10:02PM

Just wanted to say good luck to Janey for tomorrow. I'm a recently qualified therapist, amd it makes me really cross when people think understand all the ins and outs of complementary therapies and then decide to trash it. How dare they!!! I will be watching and if I think I can contribute, I will certainly try to get through and have my say too Again good luck Best Regards Deb O'Leary Holistic Therapist
Angela Rawlins
7 May 2008 2:24PM

Hi How did it go? I had another engagement and unfortunately I didn't record it properly:(( so missed it.
Roushan Martens
8 May 2008 2:14PM

To my shame, I missed it! I'm not actually a friend of Janey, her message was just forwarded on to me, so I can't tell you anything about it. Maybe someone out there can tell us...?
Deborah Louise O'Leary
8 May 2008 3:02PM

Hi There Long story but I missed it too, much to my regret. So I would love to know what happened too Deb O'leary
Angela Rawlins
8 May 2008 6:19PM

Oh dear!! There were obviously gremlins around!! I was so disappointed my recording didn't work - new technology for me this dvd/video combined machines:(
Deborah Louise O'Leary
8 May 2008 6:45PM

I wonder how we casn find out what was said. Will look at internet and see if anything is on the channel 5 site deb o'leary
Angela Rawlins
27 May 2008 9:47AM

Hi Roushan I don't suppose you could find out from Jayney?
Roushan Martens
27 May 2008 9:56AM

Only to the extent that you or anyone else can, I'm afraid - as I said, I'm not a friend of Jayney - the message was forwarded to me, and I don't know via how many people!
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