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Posted by: Marketa Jackson, 11 Apr 2012 4:43PM
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Consultation Forms

Hi everyone I was wondering if there is somewhere I could download a massage consultation form from? I saw the one on this website, is anybody using it? Many thanks Marketa


Jane Hopwood
11 Apr 2012 8:29PM

hi, I know from my experience that your consultation form is the best. You may have to use ones supplied by other organisations. I would advise you use the one you were trained with by your college whether it be ITEC, VCTC. You will naturally adapt to your own consultation questions when you get experienced from the feedback information you gain from your consultations. You will soon know what particular questions you would like to ask. In the meantime everyone has to have a starting base so find a good one from this site or the examination board you passed with. Best wishes Jane
Marketa Jackson
11 Apr 2012 9:01PM

Hi Jane Many thanks for your reply! I have found the ones from ITEC really long, but I will probably use them for now and amend them later on.
Rebecca Anne Cliff
12 Apr 2012 10:28AM

Hello, Have ypu tried the ones form the CThA website? If you go to the members page and on your left there is a list, near the bottom there is 'useful documents' and they include consultation forms to open in word. You can make your own changes to them if you need to. Hope this helps :-) Rebecca
Marketa Jackson
12 Apr 2012 10:59AM

Hi Rebecca Yes, I looked at them, they are very simmilar to the itec ones. I just thought there were loads of questions and thought it could put people off. Anyway , I'm only just starting out so I just have to see from client's feedback.
Angelina Kelly
13 Apr 2012 3:00PM

Hi Marketa, Even though the consultation forms seem to have a lot of questions it is generally perceived as a good thing. In my experience (17 years clinical practice) the clients themselves don't mind being asked these questions, if anything, they welcome it because it focuses them. As for us therapists, it helps us to tailor our treatments to each client's needs rather than us guessing or doing a generic treatment. More importantly still it covers us legally should something go wrong. All in all it is good clinical practice all professional centers have some sort of form that they insist the client fill in before treatment. Regards Angelina Kelly
Marketa Jackson
13 Apr 2012 4:05PM

Hi Angelina I can see your point in taking interest in the clients, I would always ask the obvious things like health conditions, lifestyle etc.. to make sure that I don't make the client feel any worse. I'ts just that I only saw one consultation form so far and tha'ts the ITEC ones, so i wanted to know what's everybody else.
Marketa Jackson
13 Apr 2012 4:07PM

Thank you all for your replies by the way, this a really nice forum ;-)
Angelina Kelly
18 Apr 2012 9:21AM

Hi Marketa, Glad we've been of help. Angelina
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