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Posted by: Susan Quayle, 22 Sep 2010 6:04PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Cosmetology Course Devon

Mike Harmon from Skin Buddy's is coming to Devon to teach a 3 day course in making your own cosmetics as a business. Mike is well known among many therapists as he works alongside Kolbjorn Borseth in London teaching the Aromantic courses. I have managed to lure him to Devon - where not a lot of London based courses are on offer - to teach us over 3 days what in London might be offered over a 3 month period (as in not consecutive) at an amazing price of only £250 for all 3 days (usually £115.00 for 1 in London). Each day carries 5 CPD points which is worth it just for that! There are still places available and it would be great if we could fill them - this is a great opportunity for the South West therapists to make things happen down here. Contact me, Susan, on 01626 862469 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 01626 862469 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email at cosmetics@susanquayle.co.uk Thanks for reading and taking an interest.


Jane Hopwood
22 Sep 2010 8:21PM

Hi, the course sounds very interesting - can the products we make be sold? I am not an aromatherapist. Regards Jane
Susan Quayle
23 Sep 2010 8:56AM

Hi Jane, Yes the training is to a professional standard and you can certainly set up a business afterwards. There are things that you have to do to comply with trading standards, one of which is to get your product tested by a laboratory which Mike will be able to give advice on. Because of the testing I don't think it matters if you are an aromatherapist or not - there are certainly no pre-requisite qualifications needed to attend this course and what you learn will enable you to make and sell your products within the legal parameters of this country. Hope this helps. Susan
Jane Hopwood
23 Sep 2010 9:33PM

I am really interested in the course. Could you ask Skin Buddies to clarify what we need to do to be able to sell the products we make. Do we have to get trading standards to test each batch of product we make or just the 1st one of its type. Do we have to ask them to test every new product type we make. Can essential oils be used in these products. Do trading standards charge fees? I am really very interested in the course, but I don't know what is involved when a product is made. Can you clarify for me and others. Kind regards Jane
Susan Quayle
24 Sep 2010 8:15AM

Hi Jane, Information from the Trading Standards is free and I recommend that you get in touch with your local branch and have a chat with them, they are very helpful. You can contact Mike at skinbuddy@ntlworld.com and I'm sure he will answer all your questions. Unfortunately I am not qualified to as I have only a basic knowledge at the moment but I think that the first batch is tested and as long as you use the same ingredients it's ok but if you have lots of different varieties they all need to be tested first. I hope this helps, sorry to be vague but I haven't done the course yet! Susan
Susan Quayle
5 Oct 2010 8:10AM

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't included the dates of the course here - I do apologise! The dates for this course are 29th - 31st October 2010.
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