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Posted by: Diana Keeling, 15 Feb 2007 9:01PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Hi All, The discussions I have been writing look really helpful and I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction on CPD. I have asked for info on CPD on two occasions now from CThA but nothing has arrived. How do I find out what events or courses warrant the points? Any help gratefully accepted! Many thanks Di


Roushan Martens
15 Feb 2007 10:56PM

Is your insurance due for renewal? You should receive a fairly comprehensive document (CPD information and current year self-certification form 2006-2007) with the renewal letter. It has information on CPD and how many points various activities accrue. I found it really helpful, and was able to log my points online. If you're unsure about anything, I think you can phone for clarification...
Judith Soames
17 Mar 2007 11:21PM

Diana, I sympathise as I don't think CPD is explained very well either. Please look at a query i posted on this forum ages ago entitled CPD Desert. Scroll to the final entry by someone called Edith as she explains about CPD and the many ways you can earn points. I found it the most informative CPD explanation I've had! Regards, Jude
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