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Posted by: Angela Rawlins, 27 Apr 2009 5:35PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Can any one tell me if it is no longer a requirement to do CPD to be listed as a therapist on the web site. If not, how does one determine the experience of the therapist.


Paula Lancaster
28 Apr 2009 3:33PM

Hi Angela As far as I was aware, CPD is still a requirement to remain on the register. Regards Paula Lancaster
Angela Rawlins
28 Apr 2009 5:14PM

Paula I thought therapists were only listed on the web site if they had completed the required number of CPD points.
Paula Lancaster
28 Apr 2009 5:20PM

Angela Yes you are correct in thinking that you need to do the requisite CPD to remain on the web site, as it only lists registered therapists. You can only be on the register if you have the required points each year. Paula
Angela Rawlins
29 Apr 2009 3:57PM

Paula, Members who take part in CPD are not 'registered' only listed with CThA. You can only be 'Registered' with CNCH or GRCCT, regulatory bodies. Many members seem to think that CPD can only be obtained by taking courses, this is not true. There are many ways of obtaining the required points. CPD says, to a client that the therapist is keeping up to date with their knowledge. I was wanting confirmation that only members who take part in CPD are 'listed' on the web site, as that was the requirement when I became a member of the GCP in 1997.
Paula Lancaster
30 Apr 2009 8:49AM

Angela If we are only listed on the web site and not registered,why do I recieve a certificate when I renew my membership each year stating that I am a registered therapist with CTha?
Angela Rawlins
30 Apr 2009 9:04AM

Paula It is the word 'Registered' that is causing confusion with some therapists. The only 'Registers' that will be recognised, are the CNCH and the GRCCT. It could also make the public think that therapists are,which they are not unless they have registered with those bodies. With 'Registration' coming in, that is registration in conjunction with the DOH,it is important that the right descriptions are used. I have been asked by some of my group members about CPD requirements and listing on the web site. In the past, it was a requirement to gain 10 points per year to have a listing on the web site. Some members feel that it may been relaxed and quite rightly think it is not the right way to go considering 'Regulation'. It would not show our commitment to 'Registration'.
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