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Posted by: Deborah Wright, 7 May 2011 11:36AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

CPD courses

I am considering a course in Pregnancy Reflexology at the London School of Reflexology. Could you please tell me if this is recognised and how many points it carries. Kind Regards Deborah


Sue Hannaford
7 May 2011 11:41AM

Hi Deborah. The quickest way to check if recognised by CThA is to search the list of training courses under "Education" - everything is listed there, as far as I am aware, and you can search by training provider too. Saves you waiting til Monday to ring the office!
Deborah Wright
7 May 2011 1:21PM

Thank You Susan. Best Wishes Deborah
Marian Child
7 May 2011 2:11PM

I did this course wth the London College of Reflexology and it was accepted by CThA and their insurance company. I found it a really useful course bot from a business point of view and taking reflexology one step further.
Deborah Wright
7 May 2011 6:59PM

Marian,thank you for your reply. I have decided to do the course it sounds good. Best Wishes Deborah
Gillian Exley
8 May 2011 10:05PM

Hi Deborah, have you considered doing a course with Moshe Kruchik? He does two courses Part 1 is Reflexology in Pregnacy and Childbirth, Part 2 is Reflexology in the Puerperium, Fertility and Newborns. Each course is 20 hours. You can see when the next one is on his website www.maternityreflexology.net I found both courses very informative and well presented. Gill :)
Deborah Wright
9 May 2011 8:52AM

Thank you Gillian i will look at that now it sounds good. Best Wishes Deborah
Angela Rawlins
9 May 2011 3:36PM

I just viewed the web site, did anyone read the nonsense about reflexology causing an abortion? Now I understand after all these years (I qualified in 1997)why this misinformation has been circulated!
Deborah Wright
9 May 2011 5:02PM

Hi Angela, Ive just looked at the website,im appalled not only is it untrue its dangerous. Thank you for pointing it out. Kind Regards Deborah
Angela Rawlins
9 May 2011 6:02PM

Hi Deborah We'd been warned not to treat ladies in the first 3 months and I'm sure it must have been because of that article. I must say though, there is a possibility that if the lady miscarried, they may put it down to reflexology so not worth treating just in case.
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