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Posted by: Mariette Lobo, 14 May 2006 10:52PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

CPD Courses in Scotland

Details of CPD courses in Scotland that have been brought to my attention are on the thread started by Judith Soames - "CPD Desert". You might like to browse through what's on offer so far. Mariette


Edith Maskell
9 Jul 2006 3:17PM

Hi Just wanted to contribute something to think about. In my experience there is a myth about CPD "Courses". CPD points can be anything which develops a therapist professionally. From reading a related journal to a qualifying in a full blown core therapy. Courses can be : An introduction /workshop to a new therapy or technique where the student has not "learned" anything (as in qualified to practice a skill) but has been introduced to something in which they may or may not wish to puruse as a proper qualification at a later date Advanced - develops a techniqne which is not new to the therapist. As in, additional massage techniques. This still does not give them a new qualification. Post Graduate - adds a new skill. There are learning outcomes where the student has been assessed and ultimately deemed to be fit to practice that new skill. These courses can be added to a members register and for insurance purposes. ALL of the above carry CPD. Currently, the number of points awarded will depend on the time involved. It is important for therapists to understand the difference and to consider before embarking on any course, what will be achieved at the end of it. Will the money and time expended, give them a new qualification, an advanced skill or simply information? As I said earlier, ALL will provide CPD. However, it's vital that if the therapist wants to be recognised for their efforts and be insured to practice, that they do not waste time and money on courses that do not satisfy their needs. Edith Maskell
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