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Posted by: Sue Moore, 24 Jan 2007 9:10AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

CPD credits

Just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on CPD credits and ease of obtaining same? I have diplomas in massage, anatomy & physiology, lymphatic drainage and aromatherapy. I am also qualified in hopi ear candling. My work is mostly with the elderly and I would like to take supplementary courses relating to my field of work. However, the only couses I can find that do this are miles from me (I live in Devon) and course dates are not fixed until enough people sign up for them. As a busy, mobile practitioner I need to book firm dates in my diary as early as possible to ensure that a) I don't let people down and b) I make sure that I don't lose money. The course I am currently interested in is in Surrey which would mean an extremely long day plus petrol plus loss of business.(a lot of the work I do is scheduled for particular days of the week in particular establishments for the elderly so I can't just reschedule to another day - I lose that day's work) If I want to try and obtain credits by visiting shows I have the same problem - they all seem to be in London - a very expensive day out for me - and a lot of, for example, Professional Beauty, would not be relevant to me. Locally the only CPD credit courses seem to be in things like Couples counselling (not relevant to me), How to have a successful business (without sounding too pompous, thank you, I already have one that's doing quite well) or reflexology which i don't want to do. On the rare occasions a course is advertised that is of interest to me, I invariably find it cancelled as not enough people sign up to make it viable to run - which, don't get me wrong, I fully understand. I do understand I can claim CPD credits for my own reading and research, but feel I need more. I would be interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this - or am I the only one who finds this difficult? Sue


Brenda Nance
24 Jan 2007 10:04AM

Hi Sue I used to live in Devon. Have you tried the exeter natural health centre? (Website enhc.org.) It is run by Jon Freeman who is an excellent tutor/practitioner and taught me for my original A&P and Massage. In September this year, he is running a series of one day workshops in remedial/advanced technique massage. If you attend the whole series, you gain the APNT qualification in remedial massage but they can be taken as stand alone days. There is also the School of Complementary Health in Exeter (website schoolofcomplementaryhealth.co.uk) where I obtained my aromatherapy dip. who also run short one day courses. Also is there a local group in Devon? You earn 2CPD points for attending group meetings and I find them very supportive. Hope this helps Brenda (Now in Bucks but missing Devon!
Sue Moore
24 Jan 2007 5:01PM

Thanks Brenda yes - I know of both the Exeter places - I did my aromatherapy same place as you! I guess maybe I am searching for something more that doesn't seem to be out there! Sue
Nicki Lee
16 Feb 2007 10:56AM

Hi Sue, I'm a tutor who offers massage courses at colleges and privately. I am willing to travel, and if you had enough colleagues who wanted to take courses, I would be happy to attend. Possibly your local group has enough people who would be interested? I offer advanced massage technique courses such as Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue work, Soft Tissue Release, etc. If you were willing to travel to north Hampshire, I run classes with very small numbers here as well. Please let me know if you'd like to discuss further- you can telephone 01635 298069 or nicki.lee@zetnet.co.uk. Best of luck! Nicki Lee
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