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Posted by: Hilary John , 23 Jul 2010 7:07PM
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CPD points - please help!

Hello All I am probably being really silly and not looking in the right place but can someone point me in the right direction to find information about CPD? at the moment i know it needs to be done but i am not sure how many points i need a year etc etc. I have been qualified as a massage therapist for over a year now and in that time i have done another level 3 diploma (this time in sports massage), i will also be doing a further level 3 diploma september to december. Do these count towards CPD points and if so how many? if anyone knows a link on this website (or any website) with some more information i would be really greatful! (i have been looking, just obviously not in the right places) thanks in advance Hilary x


Roushan Martens
23 Jul 2010 8:20PM

Hi Hilary - if you click on the 'members' tab just at the top of this page here, next to the 'home' tab, it will bring up the 'members home page'. In the middle of this page is a picture and some news, with four blue tabs above it, one of which says 'CPD form'. Click on it. It took me a while to find this when I needed to do mine - it's a bit of a treasure hunt! If you scroll to the bottom of that page, there is an option to download a form, which has information about how many points awarded for each kind of training, and how to submit CPD. You can then go back to the previous page, and input your points online if you wish, or print out the form and complete it. The courses you have done are, I think, well over the minimum CPD requirement, so no worries about that. It used to be 10 per year (eg one weekend's training), it may be a bit more now - should say on that form. If you still have any questions, I suggest you click on the 'contact us' tab at the top of this page, and one of the lovely embody staff will help you out. Cheers, Roushan
Hilary John
23 Jul 2010 10:05PM

Thank you so much for such a swift response! i have found it now - clearly couldn't see for looking! thank you for your help. Hilary
Angela Rawlins
16 Sep 2010 1:30PM

Support your local Group co ordinator - you GET cpd points for attending! You get lots of other benefits also: Support Networking friends interesting speakers workshops................
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