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Posted by: Rosemary Johnson, 22 Sep 2005 7:16PM
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CPD points again

I've been trying to enter my points to date. I can't find any way to modify the entries if I make a mistake. And it appears to be impossible to enter fractions - eg. can't enter half a point. I'm not sure if I should be able to enter half points, but I have a CPD attendance certificate with a half point on... errrm, can anyone clarify? Rosemary


Marianne Free Allitt
7 Oct 2005 6:15PM

Me too...I cant change things either......help somebody......help!
Yvonne Main
7 Oct 2005 10:40PM

i found that by writing to embody directly you can often get the help and advise about cpd credits. this appears to be a new web site that has a few teething problems, i find it difficult to login as it never asks me the same thing twice yvonne
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