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Posted by: Sonia Barzey, 6 Apr 2011 4:16PM
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CRB Check

I have just discovered that the information we are being given by our professional associations on how to obtain a CRB check is wrong. If you contact the DDC to apply for a CRB check you will no longer be sent a pack. They will ask you for the name of the organisation you belong to, your membership number, your name and immediate payment of £63.80 which must be paid with a debit or credit card. They no longer send out any information until they have this information and a payment. I hope this is useful info for you all. Sonia


Sue Hannaford
6 Apr 2011 4:34PM

Which professional associations are giving wrong info? What info are they giving?
Sonia Barzey
6 Apr 2011 4:51PM

The CTha and the FHT have their information incorrect according the person I spoke to atDDC when I 'phoned this afternoon to obtain a pack. The CThA states: We have made arrangements with DDC for members to obtain voluntary disclosures. DDC can be contacted on 0845 644 3298 or at www.ddc.uk.net. You will be sent a pack containing an application form which you must complete and send back with a payment (£18.80 + £36.00). DDC then send you your disclosure and advise the CThA. I was told by the person on the 'phone at DDC that this is completely wrong. The FHT states something similar to the CThA. She would not go any further with my inquiry until I had paid the current full fee over the telephone which I declined to do. I later phoned back to make sure I had got my facts right after checking both the CThA and the FHT's websites again and the woman at DDC informed me the cost to be paid up front for the application pack is £63.20 and must be paid immediately over the 'phone before any further information could be obtained. I have requested that they make this information clear on the DDC website and that they inform the CAM associations to update information for therapists.
Sonia Barzey
6 Apr 2011 5:08PM

UPDATE: I have been contacted by Mr John Bazely who is the managing director of DDC. He contacted me to apologise for a mistake in information conveyed by the DDC staff member I spoke to. Apparently the member of his staff I spoke to was confused with a policy for provider organisations (including the CThA and the FHT). He has assured me that individual complementary therapists would still be able to telephone in and get an application pack to complete and send back with payment. The payment, however is correct. Due to changes to VAT earlier this year and due to the CRB increasing the price of an enhanced check from today, the price is £63.20.
Sue Hannaford
6 Apr 2011 5:09PM

Might be worth notifying any associations that you are a member of direct (assume you are membe rf CThA and FHT)?
Sonia Barzey
6 Apr 2011 5:11PM

Already did on the telephone. Hopefully as per my update above we shouldn't have any more problems trying to get an application pack in future.
Sue Hannaford
6 Apr 2011 5:17PM

Excellent! Thanks Sonia.
Sonia Barzey
6 Apr 2011 5:29PM

I have to point out that the DDC's managing director(John Bazely) did respond to me and resolve the issue very quickly. The FHT was going to contact the DDC themselves to get some clarification for their members - they are closed now, however I will ring them tomorrow to see if they did (and yes I'm a member of the CThA (Educator) and the FHT.
Carmel Hillier
11 Apr 2011 12:52PM

Hello Ladies Very timely as I need to get a CRB to work at my local gym. The gym has told me that you can only apply for a CRB check relevant to the organisation you want to work in. However, I was referred to a web site www.work-zone.org.uk - 0844 815 6037 and they told me that you can / could do it all online (with a recent photo naturally) for £52 (price was going up by £8 shortly). What I really want to know is " Is there one reputable government agency that you can apply for a CRB check that will cover you regardless of where you want to work in the UK ? And if so, I'd be very grateful for the name of it. warm wishes Carmel
Sonia Barzey
11 Apr 2011 1:04PM

No there isn't. CRB checks are third party checks, meaning an employer has to vet you (you cannot vet yourself as this would be pointless). This means that you have to have one done via the organisation you are working for (or going to be working for) via whichever third party CRB checking provider they have partnered with. Private organisations tend to make you pay for the check yourself as the admin and paperwork has a cost. Checks for volunteers are currently free. The current cost of an enhanced CRB check is: £63.20. Complementary therapy organisations have partnered with the DDC to allow therapists to obtain a CRB check (which should be an enhanced CRB check). The main CRB website can be found at: http://www.crb.homeoffice.gov.uk/website_changes.aspx However due to government cuts the website is being merged with other government websites as detailed in the above link. Information and access can be found here now: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/Startinganewjob/index.htm?CID=EMP&PLA=url_mon&CRE=crb. I hope that helps.
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