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Posted by: Rose Anne Mackey, 2 Oct 2007 11:39AM
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CRB checks and licences

Does anyone know how to get a CRB check on yourself done? I am newly qualified and think that it may be better (for employment/business) if I can say that I have been checked etc. Also does anyone know if I need to have a licence from the police to operate in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire - I offer body massage in the main? Thanks Anne


Jim Guest
2 Oct 2007 3:25PM

Hi Anne, The process for getting a CRB check done was covered in our recent CThA newsletter. We have made arrangements for those members who want a 'disclosure' to obtain one based on their membership with the CThA through a fully registered CRB umbrella body which is licensed to obtain the information. Because of the sensitive nature of the information disclosed the application can only be made by the individual concerned at the request of the organisation that is offering them work. Once the check has been made the CThA will provide the member with a certificate to accompany the disclosure, this can be displayed to the public (the disclosure may list totally irrelevant details which members may not want to display). To get a voluntary disclosure you must contact DDC on 0845 644 3298 or at www.ddc.uk.net You will be sent a pack containing an application form you must complete and send back with a payment (£18.80 + £36.00). DDC then send you your disclosure and advise the CThA. We will then contact you to provide the certificate for which an additional fee of £10.00 is required. All is explained in the pack you are sent. CThA does not record or retain any details of any Disclosure made. Regarding your query about Police licenses, you will have to contact your local council as the process for this varies depending on the area and we cannot advise you on this. Hope this all helps, Jim Guest (Membership Administration)
Rose Anne Mackey
2 Oct 2007 6:19PM

Thx. for the comprehensive reply - it certainly does help.
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