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Posted by: Michele Wiffin, 19 Oct 2012 10:02AM
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creating your website

I am looking to create my own website to support my new business. I know you can do basic pages on facebook & WordPress, but I'm looking for a more conventional site. There are various site builders & hosts that advertise everything free but in my experiece they are either poor quality or there's a catch involved. Has anybody used one that they would recommend? Or if you have used fee-paying services, which one would you recommend & why? Thanks!


Rachael Priest
19 Oct 2012 10:13AM

Hi Michele I have used moonfruit.com. I think it's a great site, there's loads of templates and you can update it yourself as often as you want. It is worth purchasing your own domain which you can do through moonfruit too and only costs £12 or something for 2 years. Mine is a free site with an added domain cost. If you need a shop, I think you have to upgrade, but for me it works great. Have a look at my website: rachaelpriest.co.uk
Nicki Lee
19 Oct 2012 11:38AM

Hi I use Joomla, which was set up for me but I can easily go in and make changes myself as often as I like. You can check my site at www.elysiummassage.co.uk and if you like, I can give you the details of the people who set it up for me (freelance and very reasonable).
Michele Wiffin
19 Oct 2012 11:11PM

Thanks both, I've had a look & these are the kind of things I'm looking for. I'd like to build the site myself, so moonfruit is looking more user friendly at the mo. I've also been recommended www.healthhosts.com but ts a bit more expensive. Both your sites are really good, thanks for sharing with me. Given me some ideas of the potential of both!
Angelina Kelly
23 Oct 2012 4:16PM

Hi Folks, I'm very interest in this post. Those of you who have websites, can you tell me if it has been of any advantage to your practice, has it brought in any students or clients, has business increased because of it. I have been contemplating setting one up but so far an unconvinced that the expense is worth it. Your replies will help me decide. Thanks Angelina Kelly
Helen Rae Coleman
28 Oct 2012 9:29AM

I have just made a free website on moonfruit.com, it took me 2 hours! (It's not perfect and I will of course be making changes but it's great to have something up so quickly). I just paid £12 for a domain name and I'm so happy because until I saw this forum I was looking at paying A LOT more for a site so thankyou! I'd love it if anyone would have a look and tell me what you think? www.bodysoulmassage.co.uk Helen
Nicki Lee
28 Oct 2012 1:38PM

Hi Angelina, When I ask new clients how they heard of me, a few do say 'the internet'. I've not asked exactly HOW on the internet, it's likely that many may be through the CThA anyway before going on to my own site. I do think my site is worth the money, because even if people don't find me directly through it, if they see me on another site or see my ads in the local parish magazines or have a business card - they can then check out the website and get more of an idea on what I do, my charges, my training, mode of work, etc. I think these days people expect to be able to get some questions answered that way, and I do believe if they have 2 therapists to choose from (maybe from ads) they'll be more confident going to someone they can first check out this way. And especially for such a personal service I think people like to have an idea. I was amused when I answered the door to a new client recently and said hello and introduced myself - she right away said, Oh I knew it was you, I recognised your picture from your website. If I'm searching out a therapist when away on holiday, I will always choose from one where I can get some idea of how they work first from their website. As others have said, it doesn't always have to cost a lot, either. Best of luck, Nicki
Nicki Lee
28 Oct 2012 1:50PM

Hi Helen, I've just looked at your site, which looks great and I think will definitely be an asset! You did ask for suggestions, and I have a few which you are welcome to take or leave: Put your phone number on EVERY PAGE - don't make people search it out. Juat at the bottom or top is good. When you say you do mobile, give the area where you are willing to travel. Also note if you charge for mileage or anything. Who are you? Your name doesn't appear anywhere - a brief paragraph in Home or About would be great. Doesn't have to be too personal, but a name and a face will help. Great to have pictures. If the site allows, a few words under each would be good. Best of luck with it, Nicki
Helen Rae Coleman
28 Oct 2012 8:15PM

Thankyou, they are all really good suggestions, as I'm sure is the case with many of us therapists I feel I'm better at massaging than marketing so any help is much appreciated!
Michele Wiffin
28 Oct 2012 11:23PM

That's some really good tips there nikki. One or two of those I might not have thought of either. I work with intranet design & 1 of the biggest things I find as a turn off is inconsistancy & over use of colours/images etc. Keep it simple to be more effective. Pick 1 or 2 colours rather than 12.
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