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Posted by: Amanda Clegg, 11 Oct 2016 5:09PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

CThA free HTML web page for our business

HI, has anyone used this facility? I put a basic few words up, but struggle with HTML so it looks awful. I note that the instructions date from 2005! I guess HTML hasn't changed, but web hosting has. Does anyone think it's worth asking CThA to update it or is is a total dead duck?


Louis Divine
12 Oct 2016 3:15PM

Er, where is it on the site?! Is it this? :)
Amanda Clegg
12 Oct 2016 3:33PM

If you go to the Members area when you are signed in, it gives your business listing. on the left is a list = Micro Site is the free page that CThA give you for extra info. If anyone looks at your listing, it's on the 'more info' link. Have a look at mine
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