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Posted by: Trevor John Mylan, 26 Jul 2013 3:43PM
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ctha/holistic services insurance

Hello all , does any body know if any insurance companys would cover me for a level 2 only doing reflexology and aromatherapy ? the reason im asking , is ctha have just gone and pulled the wool over my eyes and im disgusted ! im a level 3 massage therapist, with a level 2 in complimentery therapies also . I have just received my policy through the post, stating that im covered for massage , but would need supervision ! , yes , supervision for heavens sake, in order to treat clients with either reflex or aroma. this is not what ctha told me before I took my policy out in the first place . in fact they said I would be covered., so now ive cancelled my policy with holistic insurance services , and ive tried cancelling my ctha membership only to be told , no refund !!!! Shame on you ctha !!! , I for one will not be renewing my membership with this organisation ! rant over !


Marianne Free Allitt
26 Jul 2013 5:09PM

That's awful. I use towergate for my insurance x
Angela Rawlins
26 Jul 2013 5:52PM

Talk to Kush Kumar
Trevor John Mylan
28 Jul 2013 3:25PM

whos he ?
Trevor John Mylan
28 Jul 2013 3:55PM

and is he approachable ?, im sure his little advisors would not even put me through.
Angela Rawlins
28 Jul 2013 4:44PM

Chairman! If you go to your members page I think there is a contact link there
Trevor John Mylan
30 Jul 2013 2:29PM

any body got mr kumars telephone no. , this is an absolute disgrace ?
Angela Rawlins
31 Jul 2013 2:58PM

Trevor John Mylan
31 Jul 2013 4:10PM

thankyou x
1 Aug 2013 2:21PM

I'm sorry that you feel that the CThA join process was not sufficiently clear . We constantly strive to ensure that those joining us have the best possible experience and we use members feedback to make ongoing improvements to that process. The recognised minimum industry standard for practising Aromatherapy and Reflexology is Level 3. Please see www.ctha.com/Quals/ for a list of the most popular therapies as well as the level of qualification required to become a practising member, in that particular therapy, as a CThA member. Holistic Insurance Services have the same minimum standards as the CThA.
Trevor John Mylan
1 Aug 2013 5:31PM

admin , ............., if id gone blindly, and took out insurance and membership without asking first, then it would have been my fault and I would not be making a fuss ! seems strange that now your saying the ctha insurance, is for level 3 and above only, shame you couldn't have told me this in the beginning, a bit like like closing the door after the horse has bolted ! , get my meaning ?, now im stuck with membership that I don't really want. in my opinion I have been misinformed from yourselves, even though this is in denial ! the best thing thing you can do is refund my full membership , and the matter shall be closed !!
Trevor John Mylan
12 Aug 2013 8:54PM

turn a blind eye to this ctha , your getting rather good at this !
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