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Posted by: Emma Dennis, 2 Feb 2011 11:34AM
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Hello All Therapists, Please can someone give me some pointers on CV's? I am a new therapist and I want to put together a good CV - is it necessary to have one's schooling on there? I'm 32. Thanks for your responses. Emma www.emmadmakeup.com


Amanda Clegg
2 Feb 2011 11:48AM

Hi Emma Firstly take out the greengrocer's apostrophe from CVs - it's a plural not a possessive! I personally wouldn't go into too much detail about school ( we all went to school so it's a given) - just list the last lot of school exams - if you did A levels then the number of O levels is enough, and if you've done any Further or Higher ed, then again just numbers, eg 7 O levels, 3 A levels, HND/BA or whatever in a bit more detail. Your professional therapy education is obviously important, as is a summary of your work experience. But, keep it brief and be honest if there are gaps: say what you were doing, and don't try to fudge the dates. No need to go into detail about age/personal details but obviously that will be inferred from your work experience. Don't worry about references at this stage but have some ready. If like me you are a late-career-change person, a brief personal statement about what brought you to therapy and how your personality/previous experience makes you suitable is a really good idea. Again, short and brief. Try it out on a few friends/professianl contacts first to see if you've set the right tone. Good luck!
Giuseppe Tomaselli
2 Feb 2011 1:09PM

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