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Posted by: David John Grant, 5 Mar 2007 11:18AM
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Daily Telegraph 2 for 1 offer

Hi - I am just trying to find out what we do with the tokens that clients have handed in when booking as part of the Daily Telegraph 2 for 1 offer? On the detaals about the offer on this site it says we have to send them back to the address on the letter head - what letter head would that be? Do we send them to the Telegraph or CThA? Can anyone help? Also have other Therapists had much response from the offers? I got no-one from the News of the World offer but have had two from the Daily Telegrph offer and both look like they are becoming regular clients. Thanks for a new-ish member to CThA David


Sarah Bartram
5 Mar 2007 4:34PM

Hi David, Last year i got no response from the 2 for 1 offer in The Telegraph, however stayed positive and helped a collegue with treatments as we both work at the same Clinic. Bit tricky as i ended up doing the free treatment, but she settled up with me at the end of the month. This year although my contact details where wrong in the booklet (clinic's number was printed instead of my mobile number) I had four responses ;-) One has had a 1hr massage and due to book the free one. The other has had a massage but when arrived said he hasn't collected enough tokens yet? Both were men and glad my clinic allowed me to run this promotion as always need to be careful about treating strangers in my home. The other two were women and existing clients of mine which i had told about promotion as an incentive to try a new treatment with me. One lady had a 45min massage and received a hopi ear candle for free. The other lady is booked in for this Thursday for Indain Head massage. The news of the world i didn't get a response and i think thats expired now? I have mixed feelings about this promotion as it is a great way to get introduced to new clients but concerned as you never know who is at the end of the phone, no matter how in depth a consultation you do. Luckly the two men were genuine (sort of apart from one liked to groan!! which was very off putting) Sarah
Sue Rogers
5 Mar 2007 5:45PM

Hi David I took part in the promotion last year and had approximatley 8 replies to it with one regular client at the end. This year I have had 4 responses, all booking well in advance of treatments. One thing that I would mention is try to get them to book their free treatment at the time of booking, saying that you do not know how busy you will be as the promotion progresses. Last year towards the end of the promotion I received a letter from the Daily Telegraph telling me what to do with the vouchers. There are still a number of weeks to go and I am looking forward to more telephone calls. Good luck. Sue Rogers
Joyce Laurie
6 Mar 2007 11:00PM

I have had about half a dozen people make appointments from The Telegraph of which two have made further appointments and one has recommended a friend who has also made subsequent appointments. Also have four ladies coming at end on March to be done two at a time by me and another therapist. So, very happy with the Telegraph response. Only had one response from NOTW where two women came and left and were never seen again. Joyce
Joyce Laurie
6 Mar 2007 11:01PM

p.s don't know what we do with tokens etc either.
Lynda Beattie
22 Mar 2007 12:26PM

Hi david This is the first time I've taken part in the 2 for 1 offer. I had no replies from The News of the World and 4 replies so far from The Telegraph, 2 of which are yet to have yet to come. I also have not known what to do with the vouchers so thanks for bringing it up. Lynda
Sue Rogers
22 Mar 2007 6:03PM

Hi David Just an update on the 2 for 1 offer. So far this year i have had a greater response than last year with 10 bookings and one of those booking for regular treatments once a month. Another lady has said she will come back for more treatments. I would normally have received a letter from the D.T. explaining where to post the tokens by now, so maybe they are a bit behind. It would be interesting to see whether different parts of the country have had good or bad responses. regards Sue
Angela Rawlins
26 Mar 2007 3:54PM

Hi I've had only two people make bookings, one hasn't come back and iI don't expect they will. The other has a freebie outstanding which they are having next week.(For the Telegraph)The Tele didn't have my phone number on the site! Oh, and one of the bookings said she only came to me because it was 2 for 1 and her regular Reflexologist wasn't included as she isn't a CThA member! No luck there then. Completley forgot the NOW, never got one call! What I'd like to know is: What of all the therapies is the most popular in the 2 for 1? I wouldn't mind betting its massage.
Sue Rogers
26 Mar 2007 4:46PM

I have found the most popular treatment has been reflexology with reiki following close behind. Although I do on site massage, i have only had one request for this treatment. One way to look on this promotion is that you have had good advertising, the possibility of future bookings and failing that there is always the chance that at a later date you will be remembered and recommended to other people. Sue
David John Grant
26 Mar 2007 5:10PM

Hi - thanks to everyone who responded to this discussion. I have now recieved a letter from the Daily Telegraph asking for the tokens to be sent to them. Still only 2 responses to the offer - although both are now regular clients - so I feel it was well worth it. Both my clients came for Reflexology - although one is trying Indian Head Massage for her next session. The Daily Telegraph offer seemed to be better prmotoed by the newspaper than the NOTW offer - which appeared more bais towards beauty treatments at first glance. I will definitely be interested in doing the same again if its repeated. Best reagrds David
Shiobhan Rosier
28 Mar 2007 1:05PM

Hi David, I received a very good respond to the Daily Telegraph offer. Six phone calls with four taking up the offer. I recently received correspondence from Daily Telegraph advising what to do with tokens. Unfortunately did not get anything from NOTW. Best regards, Shiobhan
Joyce Laurie
30 Mar 2007 6:16PM

I am well chuffed with the response from The Telegraph, would most definetly do it again. Tomorrow I have four ladies coming a distance as I was the only place which could accomodate them. Seems these women do this kind of thing once a month so who knows what may come of it. Also had one return from the Tele who had her two for one.... and another lady has recommended me to 3 friends who have come and made further appointments. I had one guy and his wife came and used the 2 for 1 and I didn't expect to see them again but the guy has come back to see another therapist who does something I do not. So really happy all in. Only one response from NOW, a mother and daughter who never returned (yet!!!) Joyce
Gillian Kenyon
16 May 2008 5:14PM

Have spoken with the 100+ independent practitioners who co-operate together to promote therapies and share work. We had a desperately negative experience ever since the first telegraph offer. It does seem to be a common factor though that if you aren't careful, this type of promotion can lead to your regulars colecting the vouchers and so you loose out. The H Club is involved with numerous promotions houses on this type of scheme - they are supposed to be there to generate NEW cleint business. HENCE, we always add a term and condition to the voucher that states that it is only valid for new, first time clients. Further, we also ensure that a client can not use other vouchers at the same time as many have tried this approach too. It could be argued that by excluding existing clients from using the voucher we risk loosing them to another practitioner - I can assure you that this has never happened. maybe that is because our practitioners offer such a high quality, professional service. We do know though, that we do gain clients who are seeking a therapist who does not simply offer a 'Pamper' or' Relaxation' treatment. Perhaps this is the difference and why we seem to gain and keep clients. It seems a shame that the EMBODY promotions don't seem to be targetted at the client who has long term 'Health and Wellbeing' in mind rather than those who simply want a low cost 'Relaxation' treatment as a day out with a friend.
Gillian Kenyon
18 May 2008 11:25AM

I have just received this from EMBODY - they are asking therapists to collect the vouchers and send them back. Why when we are not being paid anything for the vouchers- is it because all the other campaigns seem to have been so disasterous and EMBODY wishes to counter those claims ?. I am however aghast that as this promotion is being run by Mosaic - and will be being paid for by Muller - why is it being taken as the second promotion for which EMBODY members have paid - It is not costing EMBODY anything - indeed, I would even ask, is this like the aborted ASDA promotion through Mosaic - are EMBODY being paid by Mosaic as well as being paid £20 by us members ?. Second Embody Promotion begins tomorrow From: Embody Promotions (promo@embodyforyou.com) You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unsafe Sent:18 May 2008 06:22:26 To: thehclub@hotmail.com Dear Gillian The Müllerlight on pack promotion begins tomorrow, 2.5 million promotional packs will begin to hit the shelves tomorrow. For terms and conditions see: www.embodyforyou.com/Promotions/MullerlightTermsAndConditions To help us monitor the response to this promotion, please can you collect all vouchers you receive and send them in to us at the end of the promotion to the address below. Good luck Martyn Nixon Marketing Manager Embody Embody Promotions PO Box 6955 Towcester NN12 6WZ Tel: 0870 005 2646 Fax: 0844 779 8898 Email : info@embodyforyou.com Web : www.EmbodyForYou.com A division of Education & Media Services Limited.
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