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Posted by: Elizabeth Chan, 5 Nov 2015 1:02PM
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Disclaimer/consultation forms

Please excuse this very basic question in advance - but when I have had short 10-20 min treatments e.g chair massage/walk in back-rub, I have never had to sign a disclaimer or consultation form. Obviously this saves time for such a short treatment but perhaps they have a particular type of insurance that I don't know about? I am about to give some 15 min neck and shoulder massages at a friend's office so was just wondering if I should use the forms or not? Obviously the massages won't be too deep and are just short, tension-relieving ones. I have full insurance but should I still use forms just as a precaution? Would appreciate any advice, and many thanks! Kind regards, Liz


Rosemary Pharo
5 Nov 2015 1:31PM

Short answer: yes. Get them to fill in in advance of the 15 mins.
Elizabeth Chan
5 Nov 2015 1:36PM

Thanks, Rosemary.
Carol Eves
5 Nov 2015 3:04PM

I agree. Cover yourself. You never know.
Shelley Foster
9 Nov 2015 12:59PM

Hello, I would still definitely have a consultation form. Would keep it one page, and just ask the most important questions; pregnant? serious illnesses? etc at least you are covered and can make an informed decision whether massage is appropriate, or you need to adapt slightly... Don't know how they get away without any consult. I've had massages in a spa and not even been asked how I am before. Shocking really. Good luck Shelley x
Elizabeth Chan
10 Nov 2015 12:33PM

Thanks for your responses, I think we all agree how necessary forms are! But yes, shocking how so many just don't bother. Wishing you all the best, Liz
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