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Posted by: Joanna Constantinou, 10 Jan 2011 3:15PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Hi All, I'm new here and just wanted to ask what sort of disclaimers do you give to your clients? I've downloaded one off this site and edited it but just wondered if they need to be agreed by a solicitor?? Thanks Jo


Andrea Bradley
10 Jan 2011 3:24PM

I would suggest the best people to check it out with would be you insurer as they will need to pay out if its not sufficient. I am with Holistic Insurance and they have a free (to policy holders) helpline and they can help with this sort of matter. If you are insured through CThA then you should also be able to use this service, if not ring your insurer and see if they can help.
Joanna Constantinou
10 Jan 2011 3:31PM

Hi Andrea, Thanks for your prompt reply, I am with CThA so I will run it by them. Thanks for your help. Jo
Sandra Mary Smith
28 Jan 2011 10:10AM

Hi Jo, I would be interested to know what you find out if you dont mind , Thanks Sandra
Joanna Constantinou
28 Jan 2011 3:10PM

Hi Sandra, I had a chat with a very helpful chap on the legal helpline and he went over the disclaimer I'd drafted. It's a general disclaimer just stating that I'm not a medcial professional so any nutritional advice is merely that, the client needs to imput willpower to assist any healing, that the client understand what sort of treatment they are about to embark on, they have to declare any medical conditions etc etc. The only thing he said was to add in about loss of personal possessions is up to the client etc, just to cover yourself and satisfy your home insurance (if working from home). The disclaimer if signed by both myself and the client is legal but the only thing not covered, even if underwritten by a team of Bond Street Solicitors, is that if someone were to have problems that stem from treatment you've given them,if that was proven then no disclaimer under the sun would protect you. Hope that makes sense. Jo
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