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Posted by: Stuart Dare, 23 Nov 2011 10:24AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Do you know someone close suffering with Stress, Anxiety or Depression?


Joy Healey
23 Nov 2011 12:12PM

Hi Stuart You mention "visit" - so whereabouts are you in the country? Sorry if I missed it in the email! Also, it would be helpful to know how much the fee is, because the person I have in mind has a VERY low income. Thanks Joy
Stuart Dare
23 Nov 2011 2:00PM

Hellow Joy, thank you for your interest. I am based in Derby in the midlands. I offer sessions via Skype with video, or without if needs be. I will be in London on Friday 2nd to 4th if that is any benefit but Skype is good otherwise. I am currently charging £60.00 for a consultation. I will be increasing this in the next few weeks so if your client is able to confirm befor the end of November that would be good. It is my belief that helping people is my priority so I am happy to recieve payment in installments or you can "make me an offer". Lets help the person then they can decide what it is worth to them! Hope this helps. My Skype contact name is stuartdarenlp and my mobile is 07528 546702 if you would like to chat in person. Once again thank you for your interest and support. Maybe I can return that in some way? Kindest Regards Stuart Dare
Joy Healey
23 Nov 2011 5:19PM

Thanks Stuart, I'll talk to the person involved and see how they feel. Kind regards Joy
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