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Posted by: Julia Smallbone, 13 Feb 2017 9:42AM
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Does anyone know a good CRM for therapists

Hi, Can anyone recommend a good customer relationship management (CRM) tool for therapists please? Preferably one that is free to start with and that you start to pay as you get bigger. Thanks, Julia


Preya Chauhan
13 Feb 2017 11:27AM

some yoga places use Mind body, when you find one can you let me know info@cherishhealing.com
Julia Smallbone
13 Feb 2017 11:37AM

Thanks, will do :)
Rosemary Pharo
15 Feb 2017 10:55AM

I've recently found 10 2 8 which offers a free starter with charges for larger businesses.
Julia Smallbone
15 Feb 2017 1:31PM

Thanks Rosemary :) Sorry to be a pain, you don't have a web address for them do you please? I've googled it and can't find it. Thanks, Julia
Rosemary Pharo
15 Feb 2017 3:51PM

Hi Julia here it is: https://10to8.com
Julia Smallbone
18 Feb 2017 5:40PM

Thanks Rosemary :)
Frasser Beecroft
24 Feb 2017 11:19AM

I use youcanbookme for another business - they have a free calendar tool, it's really easy to set up and the free version does everything you probably need. Web address is https://youcanbook.me/ Hope that helps, Frasser
Julia Smallbone
26 Feb 2017 10:51AM

Thanks Frasser, I'll have a look :)
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