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Posted by: Paula Lancaster, 11 Nov 2008 1:21PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

economic climate and effect on business

Hi fellow members. I want to give a few words of hope to all the struggling self-employed therapists out there. Ways to obtain new business that are free. I myself have been practising for nearly 10 years and have only ever done one mailshot and have never advertised, I work 4 full days a week and am rarely quiet.I have built up a network of other proffesionals that have different disciplines but all complement one another, we are continuously cross referring and I am still recieving new clients every week and sometimes have to open a cancellation list. I have also retained a good proportion of existing clients. So get out there, look in the yellow pages make a few phone calls or send some emails e.g chiropractors, homeopathic clinitcians, lymphatic drainage practitioners, reiki masters and reflexologists and oesteopaths (note; McTimmony chiropractors believe that massage is a vital support to what they do. You could also expand your skill base as I have by attending workshops to learn their methods of soft tissue release on a quid-pro-quo basis) Yes I am in my lunch break, not sitting here with nothing better to do. I do hope this has been a help. regards Paula Lancaster


Angela Rawlins
11 Nov 2008 2:23PM

How about taking part in your local member groups??? I run 'Three Counties Border Group'. I find it a struggle to keep this group going without commitment. I invite lots of different therapists and therapies to my group so that we can 'network'. I'm not particular if they are CThA members or not. Some meetings, there could be as many as 15 people, others were I only have four! The groups help each of us network, provide support on any number of things. No group? Then why not start one up.
Paula Lancaster
11 Nov 2008 3:59PM

Hi Angela I have often thought about starting a group, but don't have a clue of how to go about it.I'm not sure if I would have the time to give the commitment needed.Not only do I have a busy practice, I also have a large family always popping in and wanting feeding. But I will explore this more. Perhaps you could give me some ideas. Regards Paula
Angela Rawlins
11 Nov 2008 4:09PM

Hi Paula The post really was for others to think about attending their local group or even starting one. Sounds like you have your hands full! May be you have a few friends who'd help out? I took over 'Three Counties' which was started about 30yrs ago ish by Shirley and John Beney - The Guild of Complementary Practitioners, of which I was a member. Yes by all means, email me privately and I'll give you some tips:) Angela
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