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Posted by: Sonia Webster, 18 May 2006 11:05AM
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Embody Badges - What do you think of them

Dear All A concerned therapist has opened discussions regarding the newish Embody badges. As it is a topic that concerns us all I would welcome your feedback provided by John Dent " > I think it rather depends what members want a badge > for. > In the past it was the "badge of the association" > which showed that the > wearer was a member of an organisation. > > We have a slightly different situation and we > appreciate there is a > matter of choice: > Is the badge one that tells the client "this person > an "Embody > Professional" and is part of Embody through which I > found the therapist > and is the brand I trust" ? > Or is it "this person is a member of CThA"? > (which the client will probably never of hear of) > > One is "marketing" > The other is "professional" > > I am happy that we have both and people can choose > one free and one > paid. > > What do your colleagues feel? > > John" So have your say - what type of representation do you want from the badge? Your replies are urgently required so that we have a say on how we want to be represented. So don't delay and reply today :-). Thanks Sonia


Sonia Webster
18 May 2006 11:32AM

This is a hard question - as Embody have spent a lot of money promoting the Embody logo and not CThA - it would not make sense to go down the CThA route as yet. If the present Embody badges were designed differently (so that it did not scratch against your skin) - I would be happy. It really is a case of what image do you wish to project as a therapist and secondly would it be recognised by new and existing clients?
Mariette Lobo
18 May 2006 11:42AM

Personally, I would like to have one badge that incorported both "Embody" and "CTA". I'm sure badge designers can think of some pretty exciting and eye-catching motif! Other Embody branches can do the same. I identify very strongly with Embody (and do members of the public who - hurrah - are now quoting Embody in ever increasing numbers), even though I am a member of the CTA. I would like my badge to reflect this, rather than have 2 separate badges. Above all, I do not think we should be asked to pay for our badges. Mariette
Nicki Lee
19 May 2006 12:09PM

For myself, I prefer the professional association rather than the marketing, and use CThA rather than Embody most of the time. I can explain what it means if people ask, and welcome the opportunity to point out I do belong to a professional organisation and all that entails. I appreciate you are promoting Embody, and I have had some slight sucess with referrals from the website, but as a sports therapist specialising in massage, there is a lot of beauty therapy in Embody that my own business is not aligned with.
Rosemary Johnson
19 May 2006 8:08PM

I haven't seen the new badges - should I have done? Shoudl I have one?? If so when and how? It would seem the winter mailing went astray as I've never got the one with the winter mag in. Might it have been in that? I've no particular preference for design, I have to admit - I don't tend to wear badges, and think I'd be unlikely to wear either regularly. Rosemary
Kelly Bentley
23 Jun 2006 10:00PM

Hi, I have an Embody badge but not a CThA badge. I didn't know I could get a CThA badge. Which one do you have to pay for. I would be happy to wear both badges. Kelly
Sonia Webster
26 Jun 2006 2:14PM

I haven't a clue - nobody has come back to me to say there is seperate badges.... Let us know if you get find out. Thanks
Edith Maskell
9 Jul 2006 3:00PM

Hi CThA does not have a badge. Embody badges were distributed when Embody was launched some 18 months ago. As John says it depends whether you wish to be known (for marketing purposes)to the public through the Brand name Embody. As someone else said. Embody is a brand name and represents all therapists under that umbrella - Beauty Therapists, Complementary Therapists, Lecturers, Nail Technicians etc. OR Whether it is more important to you to promote to your clients that you are a full member of a specific professional association - in this case - Complementary Therapists Association? There are pros and cons, I think. Does the initials of a professional association mean anything to the public? After all, there are SO many? It may mean something to another professional. Whereas, in time, if the name Embody is consistently promoted and comes to mean to the public, they may come to realise that Embody is a "home" where you can be assured that the person wearing the badge is well qualified, fit to practice, insured and that you are safe in their hands (which is what Regulation is all about), be they Beauty Therapists, Complementary Therapists or whatever? May I pose another question? Once the public realise that there are "regulated" therapists, as opposed to "unregulated therapists",the public will more than likely vote with their feet and look for the regulated. So my question is "where and how will they find us?" Edith Maskell
Rosemary Johnson
9 Jul 2006 10:53PM

I've never received an Embody badge - clearly they weren't distributed as far as here. Where would I get one from? Rosemary
Edith Maskell
10 Jul 2006 8:12AM

Embody badges (the "M" logo in green and blue with Complementary Therapists Association beneath it) were distributed to all members of CThA at the time of the Launch of Embody. If you did not receive one in your package, I suggest you contact Membership Administrative Services at Towcester and let them know. Edith
Rosemary Johnson
11 Jul 2006 12:47AM

thank you for the info, Edith. Next time I'm ringing Towcester, I shall certainly tell them I don't seem to have received any package about the launch. I did think I'd been missing somethign and wondered whether I'd been inclued at all! Maybe it is amongst all those mysterious piles of mail that have "gone missing" somewhere in the UK. Rosemary
Sonia Webster
13 Jul 2006 10:32AM

OK, communication to Therapists is another area that Embody needs to look into and another topic....... However what feedback should we give regarding the badges? Personally I do not wish to walk around covered in badges similar to staff at TGI Restaurants! For me the reason I joined Embody in the first instance was to be linked to an organisation that was professional and supported it's members. As such Embody has started to prove that by the revamp of their website and the offer ealier this year within a National Newspaper - Telegraph 2for1. Now that is something I have bought into and am not familiar with any other associations promoting their members in such a way? Do let me know if I am wrong. As Embody is more or less known and probably needs lots more advertising to really hit home to the general public who Embody are and what they represent, I say stick with the Embody logo for now. But please, please change the badge style as the present version is not Therapist friendly as they pierce your skin whilst working! (Plus they come off all too easily and I keep losing mine! So do send me a new one please!) Let's hear from you all and have this successfully resolved.
Edith Maskell
13 Jul 2006 6:09PM

hi Thanks for the feedback. 1. If the badges are not "user" friendly, please speak to the office. With respect, this is not the place to register the negatives, CThA is not able to put things right through this channel.Similarly if you need a new one please call or write and let them know. 2. By now, you probably will have received details of the new promotions. Many therapists appear to have received a lot of work through this project. The google ads - click and buy - on the website seem to be proving very successful too. As you say, there is no other organisation offering this kind of support to their members. So I would strongly suggest that you all keep your own webpage on the site up to date; you may have your own offers to promote to the public. you are free to do it through that channel. The beauty of this is that you can change your site every day if you wish! Or have a new offer every week. Great opportunit for free advertising. Best wishes Edith
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