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Posted by: Stuart Dare, 2 Dec 2011 12:25PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Embody Promotion - My first enquiry...

Hi, I just recieved my first enquiry from the Embody campagn! Gentlman wanting a massage, he mentioned extras and I thought Great! Hope this is not the type of call i will be getting! As I am not a Massage therapist He wasnt interested but I did offer Talking Therapies to help with Mental or emotional problems! He was very polite and refused. Good to know someone is seeing the promotion anyway. Oh and the with held number should have given me a clue I guess. Massage therapists be wary and have your declinations prepared!


Allison Cook
2 Dec 2011 5:01PM

Also beware clients asking for "Naturist Massage"! Some gentlemen seem to use this as a euphemism.
Joy Healey
2 Dec 2011 7:59PM

Hi From a previous campaign, when I was a little more innocent than I am now, I got one chap and we talked round the houses for a while and seemed to be getting nowhere. Then he clarified matters: "Look, do you do sex or not?" LOL So that was the end of that!! Wishing you better luck. Joy
Amanda Clegg
3 Dec 2011 12:15AM

HI Stuart please see previous post in general discussions - 2 for 1 with extras http://www.ctha.com/Forums/?b=11383 This just proves my view that so called 'national' names don't always attract the right demographic for us. Also, that Embody are not considering this when offering these so-called promotions. I hope you do get some genuine enquiries and not just time-wasters and bargain-hunters!
Kerry Oliver
7 Dec 2011 12:42PM

Have just signed up for this with some trepidation as I see the public do get to have Extras according to my listing - very silly terminology EMBODY please chanege it!
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