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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 17 Jan 2012 5:01PM
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Hi, an idea has occured to me and would love your opinions on it. I always get the client's email address where possible and I was thinking of sending a feedback form to them about 4 days after the treatment. Do you think this is a good idea, or does it seem like pestering. Also any ideas about content questions. Thanks a lot Jane


Allison Cook
17 Jan 2012 5:27PM

I think that's a good idea. I'd tell/ask them after the session if they'd mind, then it's not pestering. I'll have to think about what to ask!
Michelle Trowsdale
17 Jan 2012 7:29PM

Hi I always send a follow up email same day to thank clients for their booking. I say I hope they enjoyed their treatment and that I'd welcome any feedback from them on what they most enjoyed or didn't like so much about their massage as it helps me to continually improve the service I provide. This allows me to add notes to their client consultation forms so I remember their personal preferences and sometimes I ask if they wouldn't mind providing a short testimonial for my website. Hope that helps. Michelle
Stuart Dare
17 Jan 2012 7:51PM

I think follow up is a good idea as it gives the client an opportunity to inform you if there were any concerns or questions befor they tell others and gives you an opportunity to correct any miss understood instructions ect. I think what Micheal says is spot on. If you tel the client you will follow up and ask for referals / comments in wrighting, and ask client if they are ok with your using full name first name or initials only! It definatly helps to improve and maintain a proffessional practice. Best wishes, Stuart Dare
Jane Hopwood
18 Jan 2012 5:59AM

Thanks all who answered. Great ideas. Best wishes Jane
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