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Posted by: Aleksandra Jawulska, 2 Jan 2014 2:59PM
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Filing taxes

Hi there, This is probably a silly question, but here goes. I am registered as self-employed but also working for an employer. This past year I have been working 30hour weeks and have not had any private work aside from friends. I pay tax to my employer. Do I still have to file my self-employed takes even though I have not earned money through this?? And if so, how do I go about this? Also, what is the deadline? Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks in advance, Aleksandra


Nicki Lee
2 Jan 2014 5:43PM

Deadline for filing and payment is 31 January. If you've filed in previous years as self employed, I imagine you might want to tell them if you are NOT doing so, so they don't penalise you for not sending forms in on time. You can ring up the Inland Revenue help desk and ask them what you need to do. They're usually pretty helpful. Nicki
Sue Hannaford
2 Jan 2014 8:31PM

In addition to what Nikki has said, I assume you have a valid low earnings exemption certificate for NI? Or have you been paying class 2?
Sue Hannaford
2 Jan 2014 8:32PM

PS I wouldn't mention the "apart from friends" bit to the Tax Office!
Aleksandra Jawulska
2 Jan 2014 8:50PM

Thanks ladies, this helps me move in the right direction. I had an accountant the past few years so I'm not very knowledgable in this area, just left it to him. I think it's about time to learn for future years when I will want to be more self-employed. Thanks again
Angela Rawlins
9 Jan 2014 6:07PM

Hi, if you've been sent a form, fill it in even though you've not been earning. That's what my son says, even if it's nil. No, I wouldn't mention the friends either:) my lot here are tax, auditor and financial area. Ok! sons recommended this link Http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/dealingwith/changes/close-sell-business.htm Regards Angela
Aleksandra Jawulska
10 Jan 2014 12:29PM

Thank you Angela, this helps as well. Was going to file as nil and definitely will use the link. Thanks for all your help. :-)
Julie Egginton
9 May 2014 10:56PM

HMRC also run course on tax requirements for self employed
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