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Posted by: Elizabeth McCulley, 16 Mar 2005 12:43PM
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Finding your website

I have used google to search for aromatherapists & reflexologists in my area, as a potential client might do. the searches failed to produce the EMBODY website or IGPP. How will Embody help to direct a potential client to me as a therapist? Liz McCulley


John Dent
17 Mar 2005 1:47AM

Hi, Thanks for the question. We had not tried to do this. I also tried to get any aromatherpists in several postcodes (not just Embody/IGPP listed) and none came up from any of the other associations either. Our IT department is looking at some technical solution. We have booked a number of national related press advertisements and also a PR campaign to make potential clients aware of the register.
George B.
17 Mar 2005 7:45AM

I have added a UK index which should help search engines to index the Embody register. It may take some weeks for this to happen.
Alison MacColl
17 Mar 2005 7:48PM

When will the PR campaign be running?
John Dent
24 Mar 2005 8:06AM

You will begin to see this starting earnest in June. We know that many professional magazines are carrying news in their next editions following our launch. It always takes times as magazines are monthly or longer dated publication dates.
Sue Hannaford
18 May 2005 4:02PM

I am also very interested in how well Embody promotes itself so that potential clients can find us easily. I look forward to the new leaflet (separate forum string) that is coming very soon. Can you post something on the main website about it, rather than us having to wait for the next mag? I am also interested in the details of the PR campaign eg what, where and when etc Regarding showing up on search engines, my understanding is that it's a clever and not always exact science - I hope that whoever is running the website is up to speed on search engine optimisation and website submission - I'm no expert but I know it takes knowledge and skill to be successful!! Sue
George B.
18 May 2005 10:27PM

Sue, I am maintaining the the site and I do have quite a bit of experience. Currently there are about 600 visitors a day using the "Find a Therapist" search. These will mostly be members of the public searching for a therapist / salon /clinic, so the return should be worthwhile. I'd be interested in knowing very roughly how much a new client might be worth to you : this influences how much we should spend in this area. Recently Acupuncture has been in the news, resulting in many visitors looking for that, although unfortunately we do not have large numbers of members offering Acupuncture. But there are also good numbers looking for Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Sports Massage and many other therapies. We are considering enhancing the listing to provide a structured individual page for each member (accessed via a link in the listing), possibly showing (as an option) your qualifications, and other additional information ( provided by you ). For members with a website, a link could be made to this page, which would then prove your qualifications and membership. There is plenty going on with marketing, but I'm not sure whether I can talk about it, so I had better not! Do feel free to make suggestions (may be best to start a new thread for these), we aim to listen to our members, I hope these forums will allow that to happen. George
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