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Posted by: Jodie Wadmore, 19 Jan 2012 4:29PM
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First Aid Requirements

Can anyone please tell me if it is a legal requirement to have a first aid qualification before you start to treat clients?


Marianne Free Allitt
19 Jan 2012 4:46PM

I'd be interested to know this too..... I think whether it is statutory or not, it is good practice to have first aid training but I wonder if anyone knows for definite!
Claudia McIlroy
19 Jan 2012 4:47PM

Hello, can I ask what massage treatments you offer? Rgds Claudia
Jodie Wadmore
19 Jan 2012 5:02PM

Yes I agree it is something I feel you should have as a therapist, just wondered if it was a legal requirement? I will be doing Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy treatments initially.
Amanda Clegg
19 Jan 2012 5:38PM

I'm pretty sure its not a legal necessity, but as a sole trader you might be in a sticky situation if anything happened as it would be seen as not 'best practice'. In reality, first-response first aid is VERY basic and not difficult. I used to do the 3 day First Aid at Work with St John Ambulance when I worked in an office and carried it on for 2 or 3 renewals after I went self emplooyed. However, it's too expensive now, so I just do a half-day lifedsaver update which a friend's company runs for care home and homecare staff, which is quite adequate. www.chatsworthtraining.co.uk. she can usually take outsiders if there is space on the courses (they are run for nursing homes etc..
Angela Rawlins
19 Jan 2012 5:42PM

Hi You do very little now. You don't have to to mouth to mouth, just chest compressions. Local council colleges do courses, the last one I did was through my local college, 'The Appointed person' It was a whole day.
Jodie Wadmore
19 Jan 2012 5:51PM

Thanks very much everyone, useful information and very much appreciated.
Kathryn Kemp
19 Jan 2012 6:08PM

Hi, I asked the CThA and they told me it wasn't a requirement for insurance etc. The local British Red Cross charge approx £35 for a first persons certificate, if you want to do one. Regards Kathy
Jodie Wadmore
19 Jan 2012 6:21PM

Thanks Kathy, most helpful! Have a good rest of the week everyone.
Mike Colquhoun
20 Jan 2012 9:28AM

Hi Jodie Not a legal requirement but the association I used to be a member of the A.P.N.T. made it a requirement that all members had a current certificate. Now I had been a first aider from the age of 19 when I joined the Navy but over the years what you were qualified to do had reduced to the point that unless a patient was having a heart attack, stroke or had a knife stuck in them you could not touch them so I stopped being a member. Since which I have had a patient arrive for treatment in the throes of a stroke and another clearly suffering some sort of episode with their heart. 999 and in less than 2 minutes a paramedic at the door taking over treatment. Although I live and practice in a small town we have 24 hour cover of such people and they are superceeded by a full ambulance crew within 10 minutes. Unless you intend to practice in the middle of the moors I would suggest a phone is more usefull than a first aid qualification.
Jodie Wadmore
20 Jan 2012 10:32AM

Thanks Mike.
Angelina Kelly
20 Jan 2012 2:52PM

Hi, Here in Ireland the Irish Reflexologists' Institute insist that we have an up to date Occupational First Aid Certificate before they will renew our registration each year. If we are out of date we have three months grace in which to do said course, if we fail within that three months they do not register us for that year. Once the initial three days course is done a one day refresher is enough every two years to keep our cert current. If our cert goes out of date we then have a further three months in which to do a one day refresher otherwise we have to do the full three day course again. The great thing about it is we also get CPD points for doing the courses. Whether or not we ever use those skills is not the point. The point is that in order for the College of Physicians to recognise us as legitimate practitioners, they insist that we have Occupational First Aid as the most basic requirement. It is also a requirement of all the Health Insurance Companies for us to be recognised as a therapy that our clients can claim back on. Hope this helps. Angelina
Jodie Wadmore
20 Jan 2012 2:58PM

Thanks Angelina
Angela Rawlins
20 Jan 2012 5:26PM

Hi All Yes, we know it is not a requirement of membership BUT, there is nothing like being there and not being able to help the person with 'heart attack, stroke etc because you do not have the skills, knowledge etc. I know, because some time ago I was in that position. If nothing else, it gives you the confidence to know you are doing what you can and also helps to be calm in such situations:)) I, in the past couple of years have used my first aid about 4 times to help people in distress. One of the worst, was a poor elderly lady who coming down a slope in a car park, tripped and flew down said slope and landed on her nose! It helped me to be calm, summon help, take full details of any health concerns, address etc so that when the paramedics did turn up, I was able to give all this information:)
Jodie Wadmore
20 Jan 2012 7:25PM

Thanks Angela
It is worth checking if any local education, community or business support centres have the training available. Some local support groups, set up to encourage local groups and businesses provide this and other training free of charge, so it is always worth checking before paying out yourself. Cheers Stuart
Angelina Kelly
30 Jan 2012 3:46PM

Hi, The problem with "free of charge" courses is that they don't always carry the qualifications required for therapists. It's also worth checking this out before signing up. Angelina
Angela Rawlins
31 Jan 2012 1:20PM

Also, would they provide certification?
Angela Rawlins
31 Jan 2012 1:21PM

Ps How about aproaching your local group coordinator to see if they might organise a course for the local area??
Janice Barrett
20 Sep 2012 11:19AM

I've just found this post after asking if anyone would be interested in having a course tailored towards therapists. I am a qualified nurse (over 24 years) and massage therapist and have taught first aid for a number of years. I am thinking of setting up a bespoke first aid course to cater for other therapists and would like your input into what you would want from it and how long it should be. Having read the posts above, I think a 1 day course would be preferable as you could learn the basics and have some practical sessions too. The course must be certificated and nationally recognised otherwise you may have problems having the training recognised, particularly by local authorities. If anyone is interested, let me know your thoughts, including on how long, what days of the week and any specific content.
Dhanu Kara
21 Sep 2012 4:59PM

Hi Janice I agree is essential for therapists to have first aid, in the interest and safety of our clinets and us. I may be interested for our therapist group. can you e-mail me: dkara_stresstherapies@hotmail.co.uk and we can discuss? Dhanu Kara
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