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Posted by: Marianne Free Allitt, 29 Jan 2011 7:37PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Hi I've been contacted by a lady today who was ringing to book a FREE MINI TREATMENT. She tells me that she has signed up to a scheme which is £100 a year which entitles her to free treatments, free days out, free meals etc... She said she bought it via Pitch TV and the Money Saver Club. She said that the Money Saver Club have told her that Embody are working in conjunction with them and us therapists are offering these free treatments to the Money Saver Club members. I've just looked at my page on Embody and it clearly states that I'm not offering such but when I looked at other therapists in the area, I see that some are actually quoted at the bottom of their page as offering free mini treatments.... She tells me however that there is another list which does have my details on which does say that I do offer the free treatments. She seemed genuine and very disappointed that she may have been mis-sold the whole thing!! She said that she has been sent a booklet of vouchers and inside is the voucher with Embody's details on it..... She lives quite near to me and has even offered for me to go and collect the Embody voucher so I don't think she's part of the scam!! Has anyone else been contacted like this before? Has anyone intended to give away free treatments? I would not be prepared to give away any free treatments on a standalone basis but have offered to give her a free mini treatment if she books up a full priced treatment as a matter of goodwill on my behalf but she just seemed very upset that I wouldn't do a free full length treatment!! Thanks!!


Sue Hannaford
30 Jan 2011 12:37PM

If you haven't signed up for the promotion (which I personally haven't heard of and can't find it listed in the promotions section of CThA website) then you don't have to offer a free mini treatment. I would ask her for a copy of the list on which you appear and also take it up with CThA urgently. To my knowledge the "best" offers we have ever been invited to take part in are 2 for 1s. I note that there is a Goldstar 2 for 1 offer on the Embody site (front page) which is a 2 for 1 which expired end of 2010. However if you click through and search a town there are therapists, as you say, with a note against their profiles saying "Extras free mini treatment voucher is available through this therapist". This suggests that the voucher comes from the therapist. Something isn't right here. Does anyone who is offering these know what it is about?!?!? By the way, a free mini treatment is NOT the same as free full treatment! Let us know what you find out.
Marianne Free Allitt
30 Jan 2011 12:48PM

Thanks for getting back to me - I've just spoken to this poor lady and I am just about to go and collect the vouchers from her so I can fax them to CTHa and Embody (are they the same or different - I get soooooooo confused!!!). I've already emailed them so they should be prepared for my call in the morning!!! Yes I agree - I wonder what other therapists know that the FREE MINI treatment is on their page?!?!?
Sue Hannaford
30 Jan 2011 12:59PM

Yes I wonder too. It also seems that the voucher is available FROM the therapist, from the wording. Will be very interested to hear their response. Now Embody is purely a directory (ie non CThA can pay for a listing) whereas CThA is our trade association, so I wonder if it's right hand/left hand thing?!
Marianne Free Allitt
30 Jan 2011 1:34PM

I've now got the voucher.... it clearly has Embody's logo on it... The heading on the voucher is FREE MINI PAPER TREATMENT and then says "enjoy a free relaxing mini pamper treatment at a salon or therapist near you...To find your nearest participating salon or therapist log onto www.embodyforyou.co.uk/extras1 and use the search box at the top of the page" There are T&C on the reverse of the voucher but no where does it say that it's a BOGOF offer, it just continues to say that we will honour each voucher and give a free mini pamper treatment.... I did offer to this lady that I'd do a BOGOF as a gesture of good will but there is no way on this earth that I would do a free treatment, whether it's a mini one or not. (I didn't say that to her!) Personally I think giving away free treatments undermines our professionalism and says that we are not worthy..... If I were struggling for work, then I would consider doing a BOGOF but not just for people to walk in, have a free treatment and then off they go..... I don't imagine any therapist would either!! ,
Sue Hannaford
30 Jan 2011 1:53PM

Right, okay. (1) You (or me either) aren't participating therapists so you don't have to take the voucher and you can tell her that (nicely!). (I can't say I remember being told about it and the page mentions Woman's Own fiver off and Goldstar promotion, neither of which are the one you mentioned). (2) Using the search box that comes up from the exact url you quoted does apparently give the right participating therapists. HOWEVER, if someone then carries on and does a different search (say by a different town) it appears to revert to the original main search page and the result shows everyone. This appears to be a problem with the Embody website so hopefully CThA will get that sorted. Good luck and let us know.
Giuseppe Tomaselli
30 Jan 2011 2:44PM

Dear Marianne, Only those therapists who have taken part in the promotion and therefore, listed in the Embody web site of which you wrote the url, are involved whith the promotion you mention. I have checked if the web site was working properly and it appeared to be so, my name was not listed as I did not take part in the promotion. In any case the promotions are: 1)2 for one you MUST pay for one treatment so to get the second free. 2)£5.00 discount voucher. You can partecipate by ticking the box on your page. A mini treatment is about 15 minutes and not the full hour. Best regards, Giuseppe
Sue Hannaford
30 Jan 2011 5:25PM

Dear Giuseppe We worked out the 2 for 1 and I have always offered the £5 off first treatment but what is the free mini treatment offer which Marianne has come across, do you know? I have now discovered that if I put in www.embodyforyou.com/extras1 I get the main query page but if I put a forward slash at the end, there's the mini treatments!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free Mini Health Treatments with Extras Enjoy Free Mini Health and Beauty treatments at over 800 therapists nationwide, using Embody for You Mini Pamper Treatment vouchers. How to participate Simply take your voucher to one of the participating therapists. You will be entitled to a FREE mini treatment! Use the Search box at the top of this page to find one of the participating salons or therapists then call them to book your paid and free sessions. Therapists will only accept advance bookings. Please state that you are booking under the Extras mini Health Treatments offer. Click here to view the full terms and conditions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this page mentions booking paid and free sessions (bit like 2 for 1) but the terms and conditions don't mention a paid-for treatment http://www.embodyforyou.com/promotions/Extras1TermsAndConditions/ I am still a little confused but not participating so not critical for me ! Regards all Sue
Marianne Free Allitt
30 Jan 2011 5:36PM

Ermmmmm - it's all so bizarre. I've spoken to two other therapists in my local area and from their page, it looks like they have opted in for this offer but neither are aware of opting in for it, signing up for it etc. Looks like we know who'll be ringing Embody first thing in the morning then!!
Giuseppe Tomaselli
30 Jan 2011 8:19PM

Dear All, I will certainly check with CThA tomorrow. I am the local cordinator for North Kent and South East London and I did not know about this mini treatment dealM I will publish their reply on this forum TomorrowM Regards, Giuseppe
Sue Hannaford
30 Jan 2011 8:27PM

Than would be great. Thanks!
Marianne Free Allitt
30 Jan 2011 8:52PM

Yes that would be excellent thanks!!!
Amanda Clegg
31 Jan 2011 12:14AM

"Now Embody is purely a directory (ie non CThA can pay for a listing) whereas CThA is our trade association, so I wonder if it's right hand/left hand thing?!" I did not know this - this is V~ERY worrying: goes against the whole idea of a professional association wiht bona fide members all dutifully being insured and doing their annual cpd stuff, in order to provide a proper service to the public. Would the CThA please comment on this!
Giuseppe Tomaselli
31 Jan 2011 12:15PM

Marianne Free Allitt
31 Jan 2011 1:34PM

Thank you for attempting to clarify this - my point however is that us therapists who were listed as offering the free mini treatment did not knowingly opt in. I have taken the opportunity this morning to speak to three other therapists in my area and whilst they are shown as offering the free mini treatment, none of them knew anything of it and were very grateful to me for bringing this to their attention. I appreciate that if they had opted in, they could change their URL to opt out, but to be listed as accepting them without intending to, they will find themselves in a difficult situation as I was when a potential client calls to ask to redeem the voucher. What would they say then.... "Oh, sorry, it's wrong...." It doesn't look very professional if we don't appear to know what we are doing. Anyway, I have altered my page and the other three people will be changing theirs too. Thank you for taking the time to reply however. Thanks x
Giuseppe Tomaselli
31 Jan 2011 1:55PM

Dear Marianne, You are absolutely right. I am surprised that they are listed as offering the promotion as, normally, you should opt in to do so. CThA head office is now aware of the problem and they are rectifying it. Best regards, Giuseppe
Marianne Free Allitt
31 Jan 2011 2:30PM

Thanks!!! Good work all round I say!
CThA Administrator
8 Feb 2011 12:19PM

Dear Members, The Free Mini Treatment is one of a range of promotional packages that Embody has been putting together to help drive new customers to CThA members. www.embodyforyou.com/promotions/Extras1. The mini treatment is designed as just that, a short sample to give an opportunity for a potential client or somebody who has not considered having a treatment before a chance to try it out. These should be no longer than 15-20 mins. As with all the promotions and in fact any potential client coming from Embody, it is completely up to the individual member as to whether or not to take any booking. If you feel that the particular promotion is not for you or that you do not want to book a particular client, please refer them back to the site to search for an alternative member. Regards The Embody Team
Marianne Free Allitt
8 Feb 2011 12:29PM

I think the main concern is that several therapists were listed as accepting/offering these free mini treatments but were not aware that they were participating in it!!
Sue Hannaford
8 Feb 2011 1:07PM

And I don't remember being invited to participate - but that could just be my memory! Had one recently about Woman's Own.
Marianne Free Allitt
8 Feb 2011 1:17PM

I don't remember it either I must admit!
Camilla Louise Robbins
14 Feb 2011 6:59PM

I have just myself had someone call me for booking a free mini treatment and at no point have I opted for such a promo. I cannot find anyway to add this or now remove this from my profile. Did anyone come up with a solution or find out what we need to do? I am a little concerned that I too could look silly saying that I don't offer such a promotion!
Marianne Free Allitt
14 Feb 2011 10:13PM

If you go into your profile area of the website you should be able to "untick" the promotion box..... However, if I were you, I'd also call CTHa and Embody and ask them to ensure your details have been amended. GOOD LUCK! In relation to the client - do as I did - deny all knowledge yet offer her a mini treatment if she has a full priced treatment or even a BOGOF - that way you still earn something!!
Sue Hannaford
13 Mar 2011 2:06PM

Interestingly if I log in to Embody as a member it shows a new promotion 2010/2011 (you can register but it doesn't actually say what you are signing up to!) but if I log in to my CThA members area it is showing the same graphic as Embody but the 2009/10 registration/promotion info! This needs sorting out - and why aren't we getting emails about this?
Marianne Free Allitt
13 Mar 2011 2:14PM

Yes I agree with you - it's all very confusing isn't it?!? It's not the easiest website to work your way around that's for sure!
Sue Hannaford
13 Mar 2011 2:54PM

It might be because the integration of the two websites isn't set up properly.
Amanda Clegg
23 Mar 2011 5:49PM

seems like its happening again - another post in General Discussions: http://www.ctha.com/Forums/?b=9566&login=1
Lorna Chan
1 Apr 2011 3:19PM

I have received several phone calls from ladies recently all wanting 'free mini pamper treatments'. I have not signed up to give any 'free' treatments as I already volunteer free therapies at a local cancer care centre and also occasionally volunteer therapies at charitable events. I apologise to the ladies who are trying to book free appointments with me but I really did not know about this promotion or knowingly agreed to give 'free treatments'.
Helen Albea
12 Apr 2011 11:17PM

I had a lady call today asking to book a free 1 hour treatment with me as she had a voucher from embody. When i asked her more about it she said it was a voucher for a free pamper session. So I explained all the above to her (that its either £5 off an hour or a 15 min mini treatment) but she was still convinced it entitled her to a whole one hour session. She then said she also had the £5 voucher printed from the website and asked if that meant she could pay £5 for 1 hour??????? When i said no but repeated that she is more than welcome to have a 15 min session for free, she declared with indignation "15? you mean one, five?" as if I wasn being incredibly mean. When i then told her that a full hour costs £55 she ended the call promptly! Is this perhaps the same lady that keeps trying it on with all us therapists to get free treatment?!!! or Is there something misleading in the wording of these embody promotions? This is the first time I have ever had someone contact me through the embody site so I'm thinking the lisitng may not be worth the hassle!
Andrea Swithenbank
8 Jul 2011 9:11PM

I cannot believe we have not been informed properly about the "MINI DEAL". A women called me today inquiring about this offer and i hadn't a clue what she was talking about, so politely told her that i would get back to asap. What's going on? Thankfully i found quite a few other therapists are suffering the same lack of communication. However i have decided i shall offer a treatment as to promote my work and hopefully gain a new client! I shall only offer a 15min facial! Please embody & ctha get your communication right!
Sandra Mockridge
27 Aug 2011 10:19PM

Hi I have today received a call for a free Mini Treatment for which I did not subscribe. I note that your comments regarding this subject started in January so why has this not been sorted out by CTHA and Embody. regards, Sandra
Marianne Free Allitt
27 Aug 2011 11:57PM

Well Sandra, that is the million dollar question. I have emailed them on several occasions regarding this and you would have thought that they would also have read this thread to and commented on it recently but alas no. I'm still getting phone calls from people to, despite the fact that I have not got it on my micro website with Embody. I am now offending people I think because I am not participating in it. I do offer them an alternative, so a free mini treatment if they book up a full priced treatment or a discounted first treatment as a gesture of goodwill but no one yet has taken me up on that if their original call originated from the free mini treatment. It's very frustrating that's for sure!
Lorna Chan
28 Aug 2011 1:57PM

I removed the tick for the £5 voucher from my website soon after I received the call and have received no more calls since. If I have any offers they will appear only on my website or by contacting my clients directly. and I will accept no other offers. I volunteer for several local charities but also need to pay the ever increasing bills! If one of my clients books a treatment but wants to 'try out' another therapy then I will offer him/her a free mini session. Sorry to all those 'freegans' out there, but I do not offer 'freebies'! May I suggest trying a training salon or a local college who are more well off than me and may be prepared to give you a free treatment?
Amanda Clegg
28 Aug 2011 2:36PM

I've put an alert post up on the CThA facebook page - hopefully somebody at HO will notice it!
Sandra Mockridge
29 Aug 2011 2:16PM

Thank you x
Kirsten Mills
26 Nov 2011 11:49AM

Hi, I too have just recieved a call regarding the free pamper session. I have not ticked the box on my profile to say I am partaking in any of the Embody offers. So was a little suprised to say the least. My profile on Embody doesn't state that I accepts any vouchers etc... I will speak to embody on Monday now, office closed today :o(. Kirsten
Julie King
15 May 2012 11:36AM

Hi I've just had a all from a lady asking for a free pamper session with me. I wasn't aware it was being offered so checked the site again having read all the comments from last year above. Again, there is nothing to notify me that there are vouchers being offered so, although I am happy to partake in the general offers, ie BOGOF, I will be removing my tick from the vouchers box. This is very embarrassing both to the therapists and Embody when offers are not communicated clearly to the providers.
Marianne Free Allitt
15 May 2012 3:56PM

It is very embarrassing, I agree with you!! As far as my memory serves me, CThA never did reply to me :(
Julie King
15 May 2012 5:03PM

Well I won't be ticking to take part in things from now on without some clarification!
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