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Posted by: Angela Davies, 21 May 2018 11:33AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


I've spent hours on the phone trying to get through to the ICO for some general advice - but with no luck. I have completed registration, - just in time as that system has now failed - I guess due to overload! Does anyone know whether it is necessary to contact all former clients / patients about keeping their records / contact details? I have some clients that I no longer see - either because they have moved away or because I moved to a different part of the country or simply because they no longer require therapy. I never share their info, nor do I send them newsletters / updates etc. I work on the premise that if they want to see for me for a treatment then they will contact me. Any advice greatly appreciated.


Shelley Foster
21 May 2018 11:46AM

It's a minefield isn't it!?? I have absolutely no idea if it's the right thing to do; but I'm going to destroy anyone who I know who isn't in my area/I know defo won't be back (probably have to record them burning to ashes or something as evidence ;) ) And anyone who just hasn't been for a while - might email them - just to say hello and remind them how wonderful massage is - might have an offer - and say if i don't hear from you then that's fine and in line with the new rules I'll destroy all of the personal info I have on them. My records are on paper so glad I'm not having to worry about computer stuff too. As it's only me and I haven't go a massive client base they aren't going to worry too much about me hopefully!!!
Amanda Clegg
21 May 2018 12:49PM

If you post a privacy policy on your website stating what data you hold, why, and what you do with it, plus it's security, then that's all you need regarding historic records. Mine are in a locked filing cabinet. Current clients you can speak to when you see them.
Amanda Clegg
21 May 2018 12:51PM

I think you may need to keep past client medical/registration details for as long as you trade, just in case they ever come back to you with a problem and your insurance might need the records. But I wouldn't bother contacting them. Most people are really only concerned about stopping spammers, not whether a therapist they once visited remembers them :)
Andrew Stern
21 May 2018 4:09PM

These comments are helpful, thanks. However I was wondering if CTHA has published any model policies that members can use or adapt? I would have thought that might be something to expect from our professional association.
Frances King
21 May 2018 4:56PM

I was planning to shred notes of clients I have not see for years, however reading this thread I am wondering if that is sensible . I do keep all my diaries which have dates , times and who came for therapy though .
Claire Stapley
21 May 2018 8:56PM

There is a guide to GDPR under the Data Protection in the main left hand menu.
Angela Davies
22 May 2018 8:06AM

Thankyou everyone for your replies and info. I feel better about that aspect of it now :-) I felt that I was becoming swamped in all of the information on the ICO page, and I ended up feeling quite confused! The 'Don't panic' comment on the ICO website didn't work either! I'll spend another couple of hours today waiting for my phone call not to be answered. I even asked a question on their FB page, but that hasn't been responded to either. I heard somewhere that an additional 200 staff had been employed to provide the extra support that was envisaged as being required. I think they should also have extended their hours beyond being available from exactly 9am until 4:50pm. I have previously read the info on this website, and that was useful, but it's specific questions that I need to discuss now. Thanks again everyone.
Frances King
22 May 2018 9:52AM

Thank you so much for the information
Shyami Nazzaro
23 May 2018 1:01PM

Hard to believe our professional body hasn't provided us support for GDPR long before now. I have to be honest, it's disappointing.
Andrew Stern
23 May 2018 6:57PM

Well I've cobbled something together based on the various comments on this thread, plus a few bits lifted from other companies' mailouts. I can't vouch for its perfect compliance but I believe it lies within the spirit of the legislation. At your own risk, feel free to lift from it, if you think it would be helpful. https://www.safehandsse12.uk/data-protection
Leo Maria Shearing
24 May 2018 4:53PM

Thank you Andrew, that is really helpful.
Fazlin Blakemore
28 May 2018 5:35PM

Hi, anyone know if the CTHA documents going to be updated in line with the new GDPR requirements?? TIA
Angela Davies
29 May 2018 7:58AM

Thankyou Andrew - that's very kind of you. I have 'created' something nyself, but it's too wordy, so I'll have a look.
Betty Banya
4 Jun 2018 2:09PM

Just read the CTHA document(consultation form) I don't think it has been updated. I was hoping this would be updated inline with GDPR. I know we all have our own consultation forms but an updated standard CThA would be help!
Danila Ciencia
7 Jun 2018 12:42PM

when I asked info via email CThA sent me a link to the ICO website.... as if I hadn't already looked! I explained that the general and widely available guidelines were many and too complicated for our trade and I was looking for some more therapy specific support... that was all they had! At the time the FHT had already provided support to their members. In my 15 years belonging to CThA I can only list a series of failed attempts to get some advice on small things, a huge failure to try sort out mistakes they made with my CPD to the point I gave up.... and so for years I've paid a membership that gives me nothing.... I think this is the last straw and I'm considering applying elsewhere that might be a bit more professional & supportive.
Fazlin Blakemore
7 Jun 2018 12:47PM

I would like something as the sample forms to be updated with the new requirements at least or maybe a sample of a basic privacy policy. I've amended my forms to the best of my knowledge and employed someone for my gdpr. I'm disappointed in ctha for even just generic basic guidance tbh.
Danila Ciencia
7 Jun 2018 12:55PM

In my cons form I have a tick box if clients want to subscribe to my newsletter, I added Can I send you a seasonal mailing with offers? Y N (you will be able to unsubscribe at any time) ~ I do not share details with any individuals or organizations. ~ Please note your records will be kept safely in a locked cabinet for 5 years as per Insurance requirements. You can always ask me to delete your contact details by getting in touch via email or phone. These are the points I understood being relevant and important, feel free to use! However this only applies to paper forms (online more complicated and I can't help I'm afraid) Next is the storing solution, which has to be a locked so sort that out. and finally your privacy policy on your website or leaflets to hand out to your clients if you don't have a website. Plus keep a record of how you collect your data that doesn't come via consultation forms, in case of an audit and you have to prove how you got those details... Thanks CThA for all your help! None of the info I collected came from you! Best of luck guys x
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