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Posted by: Kathryn Kemp, 14 Jun 2012 8:41AM
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Getting round the language barrier

Hi all I have a foreign gentleman coming for a treatment - any suggestions/advice as to how to get round the complexities of the consultation form when he doesn't speak much English.? Many thanks Kathy


Amanda Clegg
16 Jun 2012 11:10PM

I have a little diagram showing torso front rear and side which I use to reference treatments. You could get him to indicate any problem areas. I'm not sure how you get around checking the medical stuff other than by illustrations of, eg BP monitor etc. Did you manage to speak to him on the phone ok? I have to say I would be a bit suspicious.
Kathryn Kemp
17 Jun 2012 11:27AM

Hi Amanda Thanks for your post. He told me he is a painter/decorator and indicated a problem with his shoulder - that was the easy part - it's just how do I ask if he has any medical conditions etc that may be contra indicated.? Regards Kathy
Karin Douglas
17 Jun 2012 11:11PM

Google translator might be handy if you have a laptop or pc in your treatment room. All the best with it !
Nicki Lee
18 Jun 2012 9:00AM

If there is time, why don't you email or post your form to him - it's likely he will know someone who can translate. Perhaps he can even bring someone with him for the initial consultation to translate. Just in case there are any medical conditions that require treatment adaptations, it might be hard to understand using a translator programme as you couldn't really ask follow up questions very well. Best of luck! Nicki
Amanda Clegg
18 Jun 2012 9:11AM

Oh good ideas, you all! Must say I sounded mean and cynical, so shall mend my ways - this is NOT how we're supposed to be - I'm sure he is perfectly genuine!
Nicki Lee
18 Jun 2012 9:20AM

Oh I don't know, Amanda, sometimes a little healthy skepticism is a good thing!
Kathryn Kemp
18 Jun 2012 9:31AM

Thanks both - have to say suspicion never entered my mind - must be a bit naive - he turned up to view my (for sale) car and saw my therapy signage.! Think I'll give him the form to take away and fill in and go from there... Love & Light Kathy ;-)
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