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Posted by: Karen Cumbers, 18 Feb 2010 2:40PM
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GP Letter of Consent

Can anyone help?? I have recently joined a Stroke Club as a volunteer, offering massage to stroke survivors and their carers. Can anyone who's in a similar situation let me have a template for a consent/notification letter to the stroke survivor's GP? Many thanks.


Andrea Bradley
19 Feb 2010 1:03PM

Hi Karen If you email me at andrea.bradley@walsallmindandbody.co.uk I will send you a draft version of the letter and form I use, but I cant post it as an attachment on the forum. Andrea
Lisa Holyland
23 Feb 2010 9:44AM

Hi Andrea, If its ok with you could I have a copy too pls, I will email you. Thanks Lisa
Dawn Spragg
30 Apr 2010 9:19PM

I would also be interested to compare to my own and also as another sample for my students if you do not mind, please send to healing.h@blueyonder.co.uk Thank you so much for your generous spirit.
Kyle Sencier
12 Jul 2010 12:29PM

Hi Andrea, Could you send me a copy of your letter and form that you use for your consultation please? Thanks Kyle
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