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Posted by: Camilla Louise Robbins, 2 Aug 2011 3:50PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Guinness World Record attempt email

Hey Has anyone else had an email from a Victoria Nicholls of Mother Events for 'the most people being massaged' guiness world record attempt? I've had an email about this with an attempt to break a world record supposedly Friday 2nd March next year. The second emails states that only 300 therapists will be needed and you need to pay a £50 sign up. This rang alarm bells with me...... I've been caught by a scam in the past so wondered if anyone had, had similar.


Giuseppe Tomaselli
2 Aug 2011 3:59PM

How strange!!! I had a similar idea for a charity event with all money raised donated to a local charity. The only difference is that the therapists would not be asked to pay for anything but just give their time. I am trying to find a suitable venue willing to let us use it for free in North Kent or South East London. I do not see why somebody should pay for this, and quite a lot of money too. Be aware. Giuseppe
Angelina Kelly
2 Aug 2011 4:08PM

Hi Camilla, No, I've not been contacted. Thanks for alerting us. Seems like a scam to me. I'll stay more alert now. Angelina Kelly
Camilla Louise Robbins
2 Aug 2011 4:14PM

I know thats what I thought... very strange to request money. when I have done similar events it has been free because they are asking for MY HELP AND MY TIME. I think I will avoid it!!!
Camilla Louise Robbins
2 Aug 2011 4:17PM

Giuseppe I forgot to say if you do organise a similar event let me know, more than happy to help out! Mia
Giuseppe Tomaselli
2 Aug 2011 5:53PM

Giuseppe Tomaselli
2 Aug 2011 5:55PM

Thank you Camilla. I will be posting the request for therapists on the forum. If I find the venue Giuseppe
Camilla Louise Robbins
2 Aug 2011 6:00PM

For anyone else reading this I have since searched the company on CH and its not coming up under the address given. There is also no contact number....... curiouser and curiouser??? I have posted a note on healthypages too to see if anyone comes back with similar.
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