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Posted by: Janice Hamilton, 21 Mar 2011 3:57PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Hands Free Massage

I'm contemplating doing a course for Hands Free Massage and I've looked at a couple - one is 1 day and the other is a 2 day - does anyone have any experience of these types of courses and whether the 1 day would do the job or better to opt for the 2 day - could you also reasonably expect that at a price of £200 for a 2 day course that everything should be included, i.e. couches, towels, pillows, etc? Thanks in anticipation Regards Janice


Angelina Kelly
22 Mar 2011 9:28AM

Hi Janice, As a trainer myself, I'm a big believer in doing a two day course where possible as there is always a deeper understanding of the subject included and usually better instruction on how to apply your new knowledge to everyday practice. It also gives you a better chance to form important questions over night and have them properly explained to you by your trainer in the context of the course being given and helps you to assimilate the new knowledge. Besides there's usually more CPD points in a two day course which is good for you as as a therapist. Regards Angelina Kelly Reflexologist and Bach Flower Remedy Trainer
Nicki Lee
22 Mar 2011 11:38AM

Hello Janice, I'm also a trainer, although down in the south so my workshops probably wouldn't be right for you. However to give you an idea of some of the different things on offer to compare; I do a Deep Tissue workshop which focuses strongly on therapist posture and use of arms, elbows and other safe techniques, so probably a lot of similarity to the courses you are looking at. I used to do a one day course with an optional second day but I've changed it to a 2 day workshop. Some courses are easily delivered in a day, but hands free techniques and the postures are so different for many therapists that I find two days separated by time to practice in between is ideal. I provide everything except lunch, therapists just need to attend dressed to work, and charge £150 for the two days. However this is for the courses I offer in Newbury; I do travel to other areas to offer courses and in those cases there are times when people may have to bring couches. Best of luck with your training, and I also think this sort of training is so important for therapists to protect themselves - too many of us get injuries taking care of other people. Nicki
Amanda Clegg
22 Mar 2011 1:10PM

Thoroughly recommend Nikki's courses - I've been on several and she's great!
Hilary Ellis
22 Mar 2011 2:21PM

Hi, I have recently completed the Transforming Touch No Hands massage coursewhich was over 3 days. I would highly recomend this one as the training was brilliant although the working days were long. My clients are loving it too.
Janice Hamilton
22 Mar 2011 5:27PM

Tahnks very much ladies for all your replies they have helped. I like the sound of the 2 day course I've looked at but what's putting me off is that I need to take covers, towels, pillows etc which when you're travelling by public transport and then carrying an overnight bag is a real pain. I saw another 1 day course which included everything and it sounded ideal because everything's provided. I'm not too fussed about this being a standalone therapy, whatever I learn I'll incorporate into the treatments I do just now and it's mainly for people with really severe muscular tension (which I'm seeing more and more of) and to be able to treat them but look after myself as well, which as you all seem to agree is really important. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Cheers Janice
John Kim-Yorke
22 Mar 2011 5:44PM

Hey, I have to agree with Hilary as I too have recently completed the Transforming Touch, No Hands massage course also,I find it works as a stand alone massage or can be incorporated with you existing routine. I too would recommend this course if only to protect you hands and wrists from future injury, the recent court case vs Virgin, springs to mind,Several of my clients just want this type of massage now.
Janice Hamilton
24 Mar 2011 10:21AM

Thanks John for your reply. It seems a really popular treatment and I'm definitely going ahead with my course all the comments have really helped. Regards Janice
Caz Sayles
7 Jun 2011 9:50AM

Hi, I did the hands free massage course in London with the London School of Massage. It was by far the best course I have done, and I can say I use the techniques every day. I have now built a really good reputation for deep tissue work, without straining my hands or body. I suggest any body worker consider a course like this as not only does it teach about deep tissue and hands free work, but drills into you good posture and protecting yourself. I promise you won't regret it!!!
Janice Hamilton
7 Jun 2011 10:49AM

Dear Caz Thanks for your post - I've completed my 1 day course and I agree with everything you say - I couldn't believe the results of this on both me as a practitioner and me as the body - I felt I managed to do a really deep massage without any strain at all which was an incredible feeling. When it was my turn to be massaged, my body throbbed for 20 minutes afterwards but for the next week or so I felt pain free and had a lift of energy - I'd go as far as saying this was the best massage I've ever had. I also feel that this particular 1 day course was ideal as it covered all the A&P together with appropriate strokes and also you have case studies to do before you are awarded your diploma. If anyone is interested, the trainer was Delicate Touch Therapies in Glenrothes, Fife. The saying "more power to your elbow" has never been more appropriate!! Regards Janice
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